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CJ Tayra

An Eternal Love

  1. Miguel
    Game Version:
    • Cities XL 2012


    Tayra is a province in the Western region of Lusa. Tayra is the second-most extensive, the second-most populous, and the second-most densely populated of all Lusian Provinces. The province is bordered by Scalabian Province to the north and by Linda to the south. The province has an international border with Gali to the North. Tayra is the capital city of this province and also the capital city of Lusa.
    The city is located at the intersection of Taygus and Zeta rivers that flow together into the sea of straw in the south area of the city Tayra.

    The Roman emperor Julius Caesar granted the city the municipality status called Taira Felicitas Julia. Governed by many different Celtiberian tribes from the fifth century, the city was captured by the Mooriteens in the eighth century. In 1021 the Crossaders under Afonso I reconquered the city and since then it has been an important political, economic and cultural center of Lusa. Unlike most capital cities, Tayra status as capital of Lusa has never been granted or confirmed officially before the first constitution approval in 1776.

    The Tayra region is the wealthiest region in Lusa and it is well above the XL Union's GDP per capita average – it produces 45% of the Lusian GDP. Tayra's economy is based primarily on the tertiary sector. Most of the headquarters of multinationals operating in Lusa are concentrated in the Great Lusa Subregion, specially in the neighbored municipalities. The Tayra Metropolitan Area is heavily industrialized, especially the south bank of the Taygus river.
    Tayra region is rapidly growing, each year are higher Gross Domestic Product (GDP) PPP per capita: §29,745 (2004) – §31,816 (2005) – §35,200 (2006) – §37,100 (2007). The Tayra metropolitan area had a GDP amounting to §95.2 billion, and §31,454 per capita.

    The Taygus & Zeta Bank, Lusa's largest bank, is based in Tayra.
    The country's chief seaport, featuring one of the largest and most sophisticated regional markets on the Iberian Peninsula, Tayra and its heavily populated surroundings are also developing as an important financial centre and a dynamic technological hub. Automobile manufacturers have erected factories in the suburbs, for example, Iberauto.

    The city of Tayra is rich in architecture; Romanesque, Gothic, Manueline, Baroque, Modern and Postmodern constructions can be found inTayra. The city is also crossed by historical boulevards and monuments along the main thoroughfares, particularly in the upper districts; notable among these are the Lusian Avenue, Afonso I Avenue, Ines de Castro Avenue and Americas Avenue.
    There are several substantial museums one can visit in the city. The most famous ones are the National Museum of Ancient Art, the
    National Museum of Modern Art, the Carlos Gulbian Museum, containing varied collections of ancient and modern art, the National Museum of Costume and Fashion, the Berardo Collection Museum (Modern Art) at the Belém Cultural Center, the Electricity Museum, the National Coach Museum, containing the largest collection of royal coaches in the world, the Museum of Pharmacy, the National Museum of Natural History and Science, Museum of the Orient, the Roman Theatre Museum, and the City Museum.
    Tayra's Opera House, the Teatro Nacional de Santa Clara, hosts an active cultural agenda, mainly in autumn, winter and spring. Other important theatres and musical houses are the Great cultural centre of Belém, the Teatro Nacional Maria II, Folks Theatre and Gil Vicente Theatre.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Drazicdesign
    Hey Miguel,
    I just realized that I had never taken the time to like, or to rate your city!

    Even if your images are no longer visible today, I know the beauty of this city, having already seen it on the old XL NATION site, and I am sure I have already seen it here,

    I wonder why I never took the time to note!

    Here it is!
  2. Jotape
    Wonderful city. Fantastic skyline and looks very realistic. Great work with the Photoshop too :) Thanks!
  3. Anonymous
    I fell in love with this CJ!
  4. AdyXD
    WOW !!! <3 This is just incredible!
  5. AzemOcram
    This is the most beautifully realistic city I ever saw made with any videogame ever! The fact that you have a storyline as well just helps.
  6. ARCHitect
    It's just amazing... no other words to describe it
  7. Möebius
    É fácil adivinhar que você é uma pessoa apaixonada com arte, obrigado por nos deleitar com tuas belas criações
  8. RomainB
    5 stars not only for the city but also for how you used photoshop... Amazing !

    Perhaps the picture of your city by night with all the stars shining in the sky with a city using so much lights is not really closed to reality. ;)

    But we don't care. That's amazing, very inspiring !
  9. Artmaster
    We need more stars on the rating scale. I think this one gets a 10/10.

    A few things I want to say...your Photoshopping is phenomenal, I love the little people cropped in and especially the boats on the water. While I'm not crazy about the skyline for my own taste, it does however look like it goes on forever and that's a great realistic touch. If this is the second most populous city...I'd like to see the most populous city in your country! Amazing.
  10. fixture121
    This is a spectacular city!