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CJ The Adventures Of Monty O'Toto - Episode I - Mons Funky - With Preview Poster of Episode II 1.2

Can one man save an entire planet............

  1. The Funky Monk
    The Adventures Of Monty O'Toto
    Episode I

    Mons Funky

    Part 1: A new frontier

    The year is 2078, and humans have almost depleted Earth's natural resources. Governments from around the world have called a summit to work out the future of mankind.

    After weeks of debate, the summit has come up with a solution. Funky Monk Corporation.

    With more than enough resources, FMC started work on what will be the largest migration the Earth has ever seen.

    One month after taking on this monumental project, FMC launched a satellite to look for a suitable location.

    Future site of Mons Funky


    The Moon was decided the best spot to start a new colony. Mainly because of it's proximity to Earth, but also for future missions into outer space.
    Three months after settling on the Moon, FMC will launch another satellite bound for Mars. This will enable us to find a more permanent location for when we screw up the Moon.

    Nearly all the structures are pre-built on Earth and sent in massive cargo ships to the Moon.
    These cargo ships will be accompanied by worker ships which will assemble most of the smaller buildings and build a road network.

    Road Network


    With five hundred Spaceships carrying a total of 87,500 people, the first people arrived three days after leaving Earth.

    The first settlers arrive


    Base camp


    After settling in, work quickly began searching below the Moons surface for new, raw materials.

    Dig site


    A few weeks later, a miner found a glowing rock. Quickly, he raced back to the lab and handed it to one of the scientists.
    Scientists believe this material, called Monkite, after the founder of FMC, could be the savior of mankind, by not only providing green energy, but by being able to create an atmosphere by cooling these super heated rocks, we can set up colonies on other planets.

    So, a architect from Earth was called in to help design this new Ozone Maker. A few days later, Mikkamakka was on the Moon and helping FMC engineers create this machine.
    With an atmosphere on the Moon, we can start to build some of the larger, specialised buildings.

    Ozone maker


    Mikkamakka was offered a large sum to stay on the Moon and continue with the development of the colony, but declined as he wanted to return to Earth to make 19th Century mods for Cities XL 2083.

    Part 2: Unearthing the Ancients
    A miner yelled, "Here, here, I have found something".
    Sitting there, half buried in lunar dust, was a stone tablet with hieroglyphs on it.
    Quickly, the other workers ran over to see.
    The foreman yelled out, "GET THIS THING UNCOVERED".
    Several days later, they had unearthed something which they never thought they would see on the Moon.
    Three Pyramids and the Sphinx.

    The Pyramids and the Sphinx at the excavation site


    With the city nearly complete, scientists have been studying the insides of the Pyramids.
    One day, one of the lead scientists, Monty O'toto, was in one of the Pyramids looking around, when he had an idea.
    Days earlier, they had found a lone pedestal in the main chamber. Nothing else was in this room except the pedestal.
    Monty took a sample of Monkite out of his pocket and placed it on the pedestal.
    All of a sudden a big WHOOOSH and a brilliant beam of purple light shot out of the pedestal and out the top of the Pyramid.
    Taken aback, all Monty could utter was, "WTF".

    The beam of light as it erupted


    Getting back up he noticed a doorway had opened. Entering the newly found room he see's two obelisks with a shimmering curtain between them.
    "Could this be a gateway" He asked.
    Reports quickly came through that the same thing had happened on Earth.
    A decision was made, and Monty put his hand up to go through the rift.
    He walked into the shimmering light and, pooof, vanished.

    On the other side, Monty saw that he was standing in an empty room, except for the rift gate and a chair.
    So, he sat down in the chair to ponder the situation, when, being the clumsy individual that he is, fell back in the chair.
    At that moment, a doorway opened up and he could see a group of people standing on the other side.
    "Success" He shouted.
    Work quickly began transporting vast quantities of Monkite through the rift back to Earth.

    The next day, a ceremony was held, and the Pyramid in which Monty O'toto made the discovery, was renamed, The Pyramid Of Montoto.

    Postcards from Mons Funky











    Part 3: Destruction.
    Life on Mons Funky was grand. The people loved being part of this groundbreaking find.
    The dig site got bigger as demand on Earth ramped up, while the Earth itself slowly healed.

    Then, one day, a call from Earth.

    The President of the USA was on the line, wanting to speak to Monty.

    "Monty, it's President Hyperwolf here, we have some bad news" said the pres.

    "An asteroid is bound for Earth and will arrive in four days, the only thing we can do is blow the crap out of it like the last time."

    Last time was 22 years ago, when an asteroid the size of the one that wiped out the Dinosaurs headed straight for Earth. In a combined effort, the superpowers of the world aimed all of their nukes on the incoming threat. The rockets hit and blew the asteroid a new one. The Earth was saved.

    So as the world and the Moon watched with baited breath, the rockets where fired.

    Kabooom, the asteroid blew up in a massive explosion.
    However, when the smoke had cleared it was apparent that while the asteroid was blown up, it was now in millions of pieces and heading for the Moon.

    The people quickly made their way to the Pyramid of Montoto where the portal was.
    Monty wanted to make sure everyone was off the lunar surface before he himself would venture through.

    Just as the last humans went through the portal, debris started raining down on Mons Funky.

    Monty looked up in disbelief as he watched the debris slamming into a force field created by the Pyramid named in his honor.

    Not knowing if this barrier would withstand the punishment, he hurried towards the portal.

    As he was about to go through, the barrier did indeed give way.
    Monty ran for his life and dived through the portal. Hitting his head on the way through.

    Mons Funky was destroyed. :cry:

    Thus concludes Monty's adventures on Mons Funky.


    Monty will be returning in........



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    Love the story and comedy; great satire of the community!
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    Can't wait for second part!!!