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CJ The Adventures Of Monty O'Toto - Episode II - Another World

What escapades are in store for out hero this time!

  1. The Funky Monk
    _Main Poster.jpg


    He found himself in a familiar place, but the air felt different. He stood on shaky legs and looked around. Surrounded by trees he thought he should find his way to a road. He walked for about an hour when he saw a clearing ahead.

    Reaching the clearing, he quickly realised he wasn't on Earth like the others. He could now clearly see the evening sky and not only were the stars much different, the moon was huge and....blue.

    Montys Sees Moon.jpg

    He made his way through the dense forest when all of a sudden he tripped over a fallen branch and tumbled down a hill and over a cliff he went.

    Water rushing up to greet him was the last thing he remembered.

    Montys Cliff.jpg


    The two boys were skipping stones in the river.
    "Bet you can't beat that one" Said Alex.
    "Bet you your slingshot I can" replied Ole.
    "Come on you two it's not a competition, just have some fun" said Veija.
    The boys looked at each other and rolled their eyes, "Yes Veija" the said sarcastically.

    If they weren't swimming, jumping off Tarzan ropes or playing kickball, they were seeing who could skip stones the farthest.

    Alex And Ole Skimming Stones.jpg

    Veija was Alex's big sister. Their mother had died the previous Summer and Veija now looked after him.

    "Come on, it's getting late" Said Veija.

    They sighed and started to come out of the water.

    "Wait" said Ole, "What is that in the water.

    There was something floating down the river. Veija told Alex to go and get it.

    "Veija, Veija, look" Yelled Alex.

    Alex dragged a body to the shore. It was a man.

    "Quick, let's get him to Father" Said Veija as they all pulled him up and carried him towards town.

    They carried him to the council chambers where their Father usually was.

    Council Chambers.jpg

    "Dad quick, look what we found. He was floating face up in the river, he is breathing but he is unconscious" Alex said excitedly.

    Their Father grabbed some smelling salts and put it to the man's nose.

    "Whoa, hey" He gasped. "Who are you".

    "I'm Chief Nick, but most of the people here call me Nicko, so It's just Nicko to you" Said Nicko. :and who might you be?"

    "My name is Monty, where am I?" He said.

    "This is Tiwi" Nicko replied.

    "Well I need to find a way home". Said Monty

    "You should rest a few days, you took a nasty knock to the head, Veija will look after you". Said Nicko. "By the way, where is home"

    "Spain" said Monty.

    "Spain? never heard of Spain before" Nicko said, looking puzzled. "Where is this Spain you speak of?"

    "Europe, it's in Europe" Said Monty.

    "Spain, Europe, he must of hit his head pretty hard" Nicko laughed. The others laughed with him.

    "Well, if you've never heard of Spain or Europe, would you mind telling me what country I'm in" Asked Monty.

    "Tiwi is located in Aldinga on the planet Sodor".

    "Hahehahah, it's true" Said Monty, then passed out.


    Months had passed. Monty had grown accustomed to life in Tiwi. He had also taken a liking to Veija. He was also allowed to be present at council meetings which some of the other members weren't too happy with. At the last meeting it was revealed that the serpent men had been spotted in the nearby mountains.

    Goolwa shopping.jpg

    These serpent men are from a land far away from Tiwi. They have a portal which they can fast travel through. Last time they were driven back through the portal by Tiwi's small band of fighters, which in truth are just the hunters of the community. It was reported that only a handful had returned which meant that it was only a scouting party.

    It was decided that a select group of townsfolk would attempt to repel the invaders once again before they found Tiwi. Monty put his hand up to be included.

    Banana Goolwa.jpg


    The group set of just before dusk with the intention of reaching the enemy and observing them before attacking them just before dawn when they would be at their most vulnerable.

    They reached the overwatch position and watched the serpent men gather around a fire. After what seemed like an eternity most of them went to sleep in their tents. Only a few stayed up, sitting around the campfire chatting.

    "The sun will be rising in half an hour, let's get in positions" said Monty. Nicko gave the signal. They rushed the campsite, not wanting to kill anyone, just to send them back through the portal.

    The fighting commenced. Fists were thrown, heads butted and teeth were dislodged. Everyone seemed to be winning their individual fight except Alex.
    A serpent man had him pinned to the ground and was landing blow after blow. Alex didn't look to good.
    Then, out of the bushes a huge black panther jumped out and attacked the serpent man bashing Alex. With one bite the beast ripped the man throat out.
    Alex rose on shaky legs and looked around to see that everything was under control.

    "Thanks Le Cat" Alex panted.

    When Alex was a little boy he found a panther cub abandoned by his mother. Clearly the runt of the litter, Alex decided he would care for him. They have been inseparable ever since.

    Nicko yelled, "Who is in charge here?".

    A man came forward.

    "What is your business here", demanded Nicko.

    "Well, we are a dying breed, we are long lived yet our women die after childbirth" He said.

    "We came down here to take some of your women".

    Monty's blood boiled, he lashed out with his hand and knocked the man to the ground.

    "What gives you the right to take our women?" He barked at the man

    All he could think of was Veija.

    Nicko smiled. Monty said 'our women'. He is now one of us.

    "well, we don't want any more blood spilled today. Go back to your homes and leave us in peace" Declared Nicko.

    The remaining serpent men left through the rift.

    Nicko decided to leave a few men behind to guard the rift in case they come back again.


    A year had passed.

    Life in Tiwi went on as usual. Men hunted and tended the fields and the women looked after the little ones while they played. The weather was usual nice and warm all year round.

    There had also been a new addition to the village.

    Veija had given birth to a little boy. He looked like a small version of Nicko so they decided to call him Snicko.

    One warm night the serpent men returned. They had trekked on foot so as not to alert the men guarding the rift.

    Veija was walking back from the church when a hand grabbed her mouth and dragged her away. Three other women were taken away with her.

    Goolwa Church .jpg

    The next morning Monty woke up to little Snicko crying.

    Where's Veija, he thought. He grabbed Snicko and looked around for her. Monty quickly made his way to Nicko's house.

    "Nicko, is Veija here?"

    "No, the last time I saw her was last night at the church" He replied, worryingly, " Why, what's going on?"

    "I can't find her, I think she's been taken"

    Monty, Nicko and Alex set out to look for her. They reached the village but couldn't find her. They discovered a few other women were also missing.

    A meeting was held in the town square. It was decided that every able bodied male would join in the rescue.

    They set off immediately.

    Town Square.jpg


    For two months they followed the trail of the serpent men. If it wasn't for Le Cat they would have lost the trail after a week. They crested a ridge when they saw a campfire in the distance.

    Bad guys camp Ambush.jpg

    "There they are" Said Alex "We should move quietly".

    They came within a hundred yards and fanned out, surrounding the camp.

    There was little movement, a single campfire burned low and a few men sat around talking quietly. The others slept in their tents.

    Bad Guys CAmp 2.jpg

    Alex gave the signal to attack with a bird whistle. Everyone emerged from the darkness and quickly had the men subdued.

    A few of the men were killed, while Le Cat had ripped a man's throat out...again.

    Veija and the other three women were shackled in one of the tents.

    They interrogated the men for more information. They found out that their leader was an evil man called Mr. X.

    They decided that the best option was to let the others got back to Mr. X and tell him they planned to arrive in the next few days to set up a meeting and the possibilities of a truce.


    Mr.X's Fortess 2.jpg

    Mr. X laughed.

    "Hahahahaha, these peasants think they can come here and make demands"

    "No, we will listen to what they have to say, then send them on their way" He said, stroking his chin.

    "Then we will go ahead with our plan?" Asked PJC.

    Even though Mr. X was in charge of these people, PJC was the only other one who Mr. X considered an equal and the men treated him with the same respect and their leader.

    Nicko, Monty, Alex and Le Cat emerged through the rift into the main chamber of Mr. X's fortress.

    "This has to stop" Said Nicko. "We can't keep fighting each other like this, we need to come to some sort of agreement"

    "What needs to be done is that rift needs to be closed" Argued Nicko.

    "When we leave, you need to destroy it for good"

    Mr. X Agreed.

    The group hastily left through the rift.

    "Okay" Said Mr. X, "It's time"

    "PJC, get some men and follow them and when you find them kill them".

    "Once we have killed Nicko we will take control of their village and be able to set up a breeding program"

    Mr.X's Fortress.jpg


    PJC quickly gathered a group of men and set off through the rift.

    They quickly caught up with Nicko and the others. PJC and his goons ran down the hill ready to attack. Nicko's men turned and the fight began.

    Monty traded blows with PJC. Nicko was on top of another man and repeatedly punched him the face.

    Alex was again in the opposite situation. All he could do was hold his hands over his face and try to defend himself from blow after blow from the bigger, heavier man.

    Le Cat had ripped another man throat out and was chewing on his leg.

    Nicko saw that Alex was in trouble and yelled to Le Cat to help him.

    Le Cat let go of the leg he was gnawing on and pounced on the man who was reigning blow after blow to Alex's face.

    With one bite, another man's throat was ripped out.

    All that was left was Monty and PJC. PJC was slowly pushing Monty back. Monty then tripped over and landed on his back. He looked up to see PJC pick up a large boulder and lift it over his head, ready to be thrown into Monty's face.

    Monty lashed out with his feet and kicked PJC in the kneecap. his leg snapped back at an awkward angle and he let an out an almighty scream.

    PJC then stumbled and fell onto his back, the rock he was holding landing on his head, crushing it.

    It was over. They sat there recovering.

    "Gee", Said Alex through smashed teeth, "If I had known Le Cat was this brutal I would have called him Cat Le Ripper"

    They all laughed.


    Everyone turned out to the greet the hero's. They had returned with Veija and the other women, and weakened Mr. X's power with the death of PJC.

    Monty still wasn't satisfied.

    "Veija, I still don't feel safe here anymore" Monty said, holding his wife.

    "What do you think about returning to Earth with me?"

    I can't leave here, all my friends and family are here".

    "Don't worry, Alex can come with us. I've already spoken to Nicko and he is fine with us leaving, but he said he must stay here". Said Monty.

    "But Mr. X will surely regroup and come back and I can't leave everyone here, we must stay and help them" Said Veija with a concerned look in her eyes.

    "Veija, the company I used to work for owes me a huge favour. When we get back to Earth, the first thing I will do is get them to send some men up here and eliminate Mr. X and that evil fortress. Tiwi will be safe"

    Veija hugged Monty, " Okay Monty, we will leave".

    The next day Monty, Veija, Snicko, Alex, Ole and Le Cat headed for the rift. Alex wouldn't leave without Ole as they were like brothers, and Le Cat hadn't left Alex's side since they found each other.

    Monty rearranged the stones on the side of the rift, held his wife's hand and waved goodbye. They entered the shimmering maelstrom and just like that, they were gone.

    The Rift.jpg


    1. Alley Goolwa.jpg
    2. Bad Guys camp.jpg
    3. Goolwa1.jpg
    4. Mid Morning Goolwa.jpg
    5. Monty sees the moon 2 .jpg
    6. Monty Wakes Up.jpg
    7. Raandom 1.jpg
    8. Ramdom 2.jpg
    9. Random 3.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. kipate
    Such a wonderful story with so many respect to the
    present circumstances of the community!
  2. nicko2u
    You sure do have a good imagination :)
  3. Ole
    Hahahah, Amazing, Funky! :P When do I get my salary as actor? I should at least get as much as Monty...... Oh, and no vouchers, I want it in cash ;-)
  4. serete12
    Amazing, you should be a writer.
  5. Peter912
    WOW Funky that's SUPERB :) Liked the new characters, this is the best CJ story ever, you could be a writer:)
  6. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    I like your stories and pictures. You do a good job writing. Where did you get that planet as a moon?
    1. The Funky Monk
      Author's Response
      Thanks man. The moon is a mod I made for this. I just edited the Saturn moon mod.
  7. Pamascus27
    If you want to read my full review please check it out on the Discussions. Overall, the story is simply superb! A literal masterpiece! Thanks once again Funky for such an enjoyable story for us to read. :)
    1. The Funky Monk
      Author's Response
      Haha, thanks Pam. I wonder what Monty will get up to on earth.
  8. veija2
    what a hoot! Fun story, great pics. Give me a gun I say, I can fight too!
    1. The Funky Monk
      Author's Response
      Thanks. I thought you would have been ok with a gun but Monty wouldn't allow it. He clearly loves you lots.