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General The Annoying CXL 2012 bug fix pack 1.3

Various 2012 problems fixes and some style functionality changes

  1. XL Nation Staff
    Tired of waiting for an official 2012 patch? Me too.....

    So, I made this mod to fix some issues. It adresses the following:

    Update 1.2:
    - Added a fix I've almost forgotten about, since it was my very first mod attempt - the Broadway Boulevard (American Roads set) had the wrong monthly cost, the same as a highway. It now costs equivalently to the other Road sets, same cost as Large avenue.
    - Added the Castle hotel Road connection fix to the non-CLM patch. This will fix the 'Can't connect to road' problem of the hotel without changing its functions in any way.
    - I've updated the CLM-compatible patch, so that it won't conflict anymore with HEM. I somehow assume that people that like the kind of simulation changes that CLM brings, would also like HEM [​IMG]

    Update 1.1:
    - The mod now contains the fixed residences (in both versions)
    - Some small mistakes corrected
    - The Water Special Office not showing up was fixed

    The new bonus resource buildings now function as intended (or at least as I imagined FHI intended them to function):

    • Descriptions were fixed
    • There is one bonus building for each resource (all but Food)
    • All of them form a new, lower level of specialization - if the Special offices were level 2, these buildings are level 1. This means they provide +20% boost to the resource production, are available earlier, and cost less to maintain.
    • Each building could be plopped only once; also, after four level 1 bonus buildings have been plopped, you can't put more.
    Some of the new offices that certainly didn't belong to that category, now have their proper place. This includes:
    - Two T3 buildings that look like factories (and even had the proper description) - they're now High density Manufacturing industry.
    - The beautiful Medieval palace/castle, whose blueprint was much larger than a T3 lot, is now a Palace in the Medieval Pack. Check it out:
    - This long building (again, too large for a T3 lot) is now a National History Museum (Cultural Leisure)

    - The giant Oval building is now a Landmark research center, providing bonus to all Industry production. It unlocks at 500 000 pop.

    - The Pyramid building is now an Entertainment Landmark Hotel, with similar function to the Casino Royal. For the ones that didn't install CLM, it is left untouched.

    - This building looks much more like a Decoration, than an Office. And, along with the Obelisk, is now found as a permanent Landmark, under the appropriate category.
    - One of the new Health clinics was bugged, and would cost the city no money at all. Since I'm bad, I fixed that [​IMG]

    Finally, some new Chinese residences have been retuned to match better their models. Some where made Executive homes, one is now an Elite home, and one is a Landmark - Chinese Temple:


    Also, the building that was too big for a T2 lot is now fixed.

    I made two versions of the pack:
    - The XLN_SG_office2012fix is a standalone patch; everyone could use it. It doesn't have the Pyramid building fix, however, because this was made specially for CLM.

    - The XLN_CLM_office2012fix requires the Crime and Leisure add-on, and includes small city-wide Crime effect emission for the Special Offices. Also, it turns the Pyramid into a Landmark Hotel-Casino! So, remember to install this version ONLY if you have CLM with its prerequisites!

    - Note: Pay attention to the changed functionality of the above office buildings! They will now cost money, so when loading an old city you may take a hit in your budget! Pause, track down the changed buildings and delete the ones you don't need.
    The 'Castle' Holiday hotel's road connection problem was fixed for CLM, and is not included here.
    I'm aware that there are a lot more problems with CXL 2012 than these fixed here; but they are either too complicated for me, or else it's a plain hassle to do them (especially when it comes to wrong descriptions, which abound in the new 2012 buildings). For these you guys would need either an Official patch, or patience until a more experienced modder decides to busy himself with them.

    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
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Recent Reviews

  1. Mr.X²
    Version: 1.3
    absolutely essential
  2. 5/5,
    Version: 1.3
    Just useless if you already have Platinum, tho.
    1. XL Nation Staff
      Author's Response
      Thanks Prey. I was in the zone when uploading.