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CJ The City Clendon, USA


  1. nick.
    askw-z_Pf9o.jpg IgSZkHguH1Y.jpg 2J_MoZJ9Qrk.jpg 8wP_XTMN7RA.jpg kZe2yp2lzuU.jpg cwUZGqtv0cM.jpg nYGQcSHOZQA.jpg MJOntAdlM_w.jpg 1jo2jvWf3XU.jpg XA1Ca43Fd1g.jpg qjDdnYdYJJg.jpg PTbaMXIxPPY.jpg t1uFo779V_c.jpg Cle-2DYErm4.jpg uCJ_ULsapns.jpg R7ITYX4rHDU.jpg OBUDUdFCqEk.jpg tQc0D-AAVx4.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. ronrn
    ..Good work.....
  2. Wibi
    Would love to see a city center or main point of interest at the very least. Other than that, a great city and can see the amount of work you put into it. Love it
  3. Artmaster
    Needs a back story, otherwise the city looks fairly traditional. Not sure I like the three transport hubs by the ocean. Might I suggest you develop that area more, but perhaps you did that because you're actually playing the game without cheats?
  4. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    This is an AWESOME city! Keep up the good work.