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CJ The City of Aeries

Who ever said being dense makes you tense?

  1. Citykid10K
    The grand city of Aeries
    History- In the tropical area's early days the bay the city occupied was a rural tourist destination. Small to mid size towns existed along the bay (population 200k) The regions main exports where fish and Palm oil. The bay region had a total GDP of $300m. It started when a major developer from Northport. Submitted a request for a mid density beach resort in the town of Aeries.The Request was approved and the project was extremely successful.The city took off first 4 resorts then 10 ( city pop 100k)(region pop 310k). The city leader's knew at the start of this trend that sprawl would follow. A citywide zoning restriction was made. No low density buildings would be allowed within the city ground's.This law kept the city's footprint small...for a while anyway.
    Fast forward 10 years the great Northport crash had began.The city of Northport (600 miles away)(pop 10.5mill)(capital of Amverdera) had began to decline. The citys government suffered from corruption,The city suffered from extremely high crime,home prices were high,and business tax's stood at 50% over a 4 year period the city's population declined by 3.1 million. Over 12 years the citys population dropped below 800k. In the year 1987 Capitol building was burned down. The government decided to move the capital. But to which city? Elington to the south? Emerald Canyon to the south west or westward (Aeries)

    By this time the city of aeries was now booming. $400B worth of projects were underway, the citys population stood at 500k 1/3 of the bay annexed. .The factor's were weighed By the Amverdera government and the decision was made to move to Aeries.

    A tech boom along with the governments relocation to Aeries pushed the city over the edge. Fast forward 27 years to modern Aeries. Now a Hyper dense city of 2.86 million people. The city Is actually 30 miles off shore. The island the city resides on is totally urban. The city of Aeries has no metropolitan area as it is the only city government on the island

    Downtown Aeries
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    Daytime population-9.9 million

    sustainable population 2.8 million

    GDP-$30 Trillion




    Average income-$300,000k

    99% of population has attended college

    Average apartment monthly payment-$7,000

    Approx tourist per year-112 million

    Average work shift-14 hours
    (most resident's have two jobs)

    Average commuter population-7 million

    Commute methods-airport-modified cargo ship-car-bus-taxi

    Number of highrises-1,300

    Work week-4 days mon-tue-wens-thur

    Off days-3-fri-sat-sun

    Population per block-15-25k


    Upper financial

    The Center of the citys financial world The upper financial district has more than 300m S.F.of office space. more than 2.8 million are employed in this district alone.


    The upper finance district is located on the east side of the Grand Ariel bridge.


    The Ocea District


    The western most district of Aeries, Ocea is the go to district for all resident's on the west shore not willing to brave 30 minutes of sitting on a bridge.

    The district is a major financial & recreational hub for the west shore residents. Tourist are drawn here for Its beach's and even residents of the greater city treat a visit to the district as a mini vacation.

    Lower Financial district
    The older section of downtown,the lower financial district hundreds of office buildings. It also contains the Old Aeries neighborhood

    Port Arthur


    The 3rd largest port in Amverdera,Port Arthur ships billions of tons of cargo every year. The port also doubles a terminal for daily commuters coming in on modified freighters from the amverdera mainland. Port Arthur is the only district in The city of Aeries to have single family homes due to a loop hole in zoning laws... "no building on city GROUND'S will have less than 6 units of space" Port Arthur is technically floating which allowed the construction of the homes.


    The Gateway district


    The Gateway district was developed at the same time as the Grand Ariel bridge. The objective was to create a high density neighborhood on the west shore which be very close to downtown Aeries. Although the neighborhood filled up. The fast commute segment of that plan has disappeared (getting across the Grand Ariel can take a hour depending on the time)

    The Brackston District


    A major hotel,financial and gambling center for the city, Brackston is located on the eastern island Of Gumvolt. The district is less than 1 mile from the Aeries International Airport. The area is home to 54 hotels,7,malls and 15 office buildings.[​IMG]
    Not only is the district a major tourist destination. It is also a huge draw for the city's people. On any one day there can be 1 million in this 1 1/2 square mile area.


    The Rushmore District

    The Scenic Rushmore district is the 4th largest financial District within Aeries. The District is praised by office tenants for its relatively fast commute time from other parts of Gumvolt.

    *Update coming to C.J. coming tommorow*

Recent Reviews

  1. heonetsung
    Awosome big capital style city! Skyline is unbelievable.
    PS: Census population 2.8m but commute population about 10m!!! Building a large number of railways and highways or ports would be better.
  2. veija2
    You've created a very interesting city with some very nice screen shots. I'd like to see some variation in the lighting, though, some of the images seem a bit dark. Nice job from what I've seen!
  3. royb 98
    royb 98
    Your city looks like it would let the game run on 1 frame per hour... that's one of the reasons I gave you a five star rating :D.

    P.S.: It's quite funny everyone starts adding facts to their CJ after the launch of Countries XL :p. Most of the facts are too idyllic though (no city has or will have a crime rate of 0 and an average income of $300.000.000,- (was that a typo BTW?)).
    1. Citykid10K
      Author's Response
      Oo its meant to be 300k Oo....Citys pop=2.8 work time population (9.9M) The city would be burn your eyes at the sight of its housing prices.Only wealthy would be able to live there. But some of that is negated by the fact most people would work 2 7 hour shifts at different workplaces. So earnings would be double IE a person with a $50k salary takes on second job= Now making 100k. I wouldnt say its idyllic since people are spending that much time working. Although i did give them friday as another off day :) i hope im not insane for actually planning this out in my head lol
  4. chiapets1997
    How do you know what year the city is in? and also great city i would live there!
    1. Citykid10K
      Author's Response
      Im just using the current real life year as (modern Aeries) And i made up a timeline of development events in my head beginning from 1970 and thanks :)
  5. Josephlonde
    Look like precious!
    1. Citykid10K
      Author's Response
      thank you :)
  6. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    This city is cool!
    1. Citykid10K
      Author's Response
      Thank you! :)
  7. nicko2u
    looking good but you need to get our facts correct? no way 9.9 million? either way have fun.
    1. Citykid10K
      Author's Response
      I said that to indicate its ridiculous dependency on worker imports without breaking lore.This city must get workers from all my other city's (just to keep it from collapsing) The residence to workplace ratio is very much off. Also thanks for pointing that out. I will clarify it when i update the CJ tonight :)