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CJ The City Timushir, Kazakhstan


  1. nick.
    bgs-OfS26Kg.jpg iA4XKgtPdLw.jpg QYytGfVuDU0.jpg pW-bZNaqLDs.jpg 1eq2yBvhfmw.jpg J49a3z_cSKo.jpg WpPmC4GXPZg.jpg -Oa6pqd4Vhc.jpg 3rTGrHdh9ak.jpg kp58rQLQSD8.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Omar Chishti
    Omar Chishti
    Rare to see people making a Kazakh city! Amazing :D
  2. Anonymous
    Good idea! :) .........
  3. Aerosikth
    I don't think there's any trolling lol, I think he's quite nicely showcasing the variety of cultures that are possible in this wonderful game :)
  4. pauliaxz
    What trolling? This guy is just showing off his cities.
    3 stars because it's far from finished
  5. Ze_Doc
    this is a tuto about how to troll a website ?