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Changes The Crime and Leisure Add-on (CLM) v3.90

adds complex changes to the commercial aspect of Cities XL

  1. XL Nation Staff
    Welcome to the Crime and Leisure add-on page.

    Update 3.9:
    The Security simulation has been upgraded :) Education would now give a small bonus to Security in your cities, since educated Sims are more likely to refrain from criminal activity, even when they have problems. So, as you develop Education in the city, you'll also notice a small improvement in Security satisfaction.
    NOTE: You do NOT need to download new CLM files, just the newest UIM mod (1.77.:) - it contains all the necessary changes.

    Update 3.8:
    IMPORTANT: Due to the latest changes in UIM, the Installation instructions for CLM have changed a bit - you now need to remember to include CLM support during UIM installation! Please Check the updated Installation instructions bellow.
    - Some changes and improvements have been made to all files. The Police Service coverage is now displayed correctly when placing Police stations. Please, redownload all CLM files that you're currently using.
    - Language support now includes 100% French, thanks to Dolmen! Also, I've fixed couple of things in all other translations.

    Update 3.73:
    Thanks to vocesmambo's incredibly fast rsponse, we now have full Spanish support for CLM! As usual, report any problems (although I have limited abilities to check language errors, due to the fact that my game runs only in English :)). Also, the Italian and German translations are now complete, thanks to Kitsunebi and Admetes :)Enjoy!

    Update 3.71:
    - Three new buildings added: The Art school (found under Education - provides both Education and Leisure satisfaction); the French Restaurant and the Tourist Agency (aka London City hall) - an office that also boosts Holiday production by 35%! Don't forget to download also the latest LOC file!
    - T2 Leisure's area of effect has been reduced slightly

    Update 3.6:

    The second CLM plug-in is up - the Ski pack! This mod is based on Altiris' Ski Expander, it contains all of its features retuned for CLM, as well as some improvements. Here's a short list:
    - New Mountain buildings, including Utilities
    - General purpose Roads with snow textures, Ski Runs, Ski lifts (which function as pedestrian transport, allowing access to the highest parts of the mountains)
    - A Snowmobile track similar to the NEXL Quad Bikes
    As usual, check the Change log for a full list.
    - NOTE: Some small changes have been made to the other patches to make them compatible with the Ski pack: the Base buildings, and the Beach Buildings. Make sure to download the latest versions! English support is ready, and other languages are comming soon. Check the Download instructions, please.

    Update 3.4:

    The first CLM plug-in is ready! All Beach buildings have now functions in tune with the new Entertainment category and Crime. For those of you that never tried the Beach Buildings pack from myBeach and Ski residences fix, you'll find tons of new cool stuff! As a bonus, the collision boxes of the small buildings have been fixed, so now you could use them according to their size! Check out the full change list into the Change log.

    beachpack01.jpg beachpack02.jpg beachpack03.jpg
    Many Beach buildings could go into any city, not only summer resort-styled cities! Feel free to explore all the possibilities!

    NOTE: The Plug-in requires all prerequisites for CLM, as well as zzXLN_CLM_basebuildings. Also, this pack replaces completely the PackBeach_Buildings.patch - you can remove it.
    NOTE 2: If your cities crash after installing this patch, remove it temporarily, delete all Beach buildings from the cities, then put the patch again - it should run OK and you could then replace your buildings.

    Since the initial launch of Cities XL 2009, we have had the impression that something doesn't add up, concerning Leisure in the game. Buildings that all logic dictates should be Entertaining (like Bars and Restaurants) appeared as Retail; others like the Ferris Wheel and the Bowling alley, which logic dictates should be private ventures, were state-run. And modders that have access to the core files of the game have noticed another negative effect, burried in the code, but inactive - Crime. Combining all these bits of info with our natural desire to improve this beloved game, we started work and created this comprehensive functionality add-on, which will change significantly the way Commerce handles in the game.

    Here are the key features of the mod:

    • Third Leisure category - Entertainment: a private Leisure industry complete with the relevant tax group in your Budget.
    • New negative effect - Crime, fully functional, and affecting several aspects of the city. There is also a relevant Layer to track its effect.
    • Many changes in the way Holiday hotels function, creating a much more challenging and interesting Vacation cities.
    • Greatly increased Retail demand, especially in Vacation cities
    • Many unlocked buildings with full functionality
    • Inane problems in some buildings were fixed.

    And here is a complete change log:

    Register or to view Spoiler content!

    The Effects of the add-on are many and varied, but as a rule we've been trying to enhance the Cities XL experience both in gameplay and realism. After installing the add-on you'll find that you'll need to change the way you play the game, much more than if you simply had new buildings to plop down. You'll have to keep aware of a brand new Negative effect and how it's affecting your cities; you'll be able to provide Leisure satisfaction without spending City money; and many of the buildings you've always thought weirdly handled by the game (Ferris Wheel, Cinema, Burger palace, etc) will now feel right.

    With the CLM you'll be able to build Holiday centers that are almost self sufficient - they won't need Offices or High tech factories for additional income! Your Holiday Hotels will be able to thrive in different environments - in the center of the city, surrounded by Entertainment and Landmarks, or away in secluded areas where people enjoy Nature!
    The process of establishing Vacation centers is now much more interesting, since you have to balance much more issues, like Crime and Leisure resources and sensitivity. But you also have a whole new horizon of options thanks to the new Entertainment category!

    Note that the Crime effect can be evaded, the same way as you can evade Air pollution - by not using the buildings that produce it. So, if you wish to use only the other features of the add-on, such as the increased Retail demand, or the enhanced Holiday hotels, you can do so. The new Security and Crime Layers are able to show efficiently every building in the city affected by, or emitting Crime (as well as the buildings that fight it), so you'll have no problems identifying and resolving threads to citizen Security.

    Languages supported

    The Add-on makes quite a number of name and description changes, which are supported in the following languages:
    - English (100%)
    - Portuguese (100%)
    - Italian (100%)
    - German (100%)
    - French (100%)
    - Spanish (100%)

    Special thanks to Admetes, Oliver, Kitsunebi, Dolmen and Vocesmambo for their help with translation! We're putting a call to everyone that feels he could help with further translating the mod - the work is quite interesting :)

    Who's working on the add-on?

    The main developers are Soltan Gris and Altiris. However, we've been getting a lot of precious help from people like Winter Dragon, Admetes and Montoto. Cudos to all of them :)

    Installation instructions:

    The .zip file contains all the files of the CLM. You must install the zzXLN_CLM_basebuildings and XLN_CLM_loc patches. Try to always keep the latest versions of these files to avoid conflicts. The other files are optional plug-ins, but note that they won't function without the main files. Enjoy.

    WARNING: Whenever installing a new version of UIM, make sure you do it AS ADMINISTRATOR, and select Custom installation, checking CLM Support! In case you can't do that (Windows won't let you run as Administrator when you right-click on the MSI file), you'll need to download and install a small registry update, available on the UIM page.

    Sometimes the UIM installation screw up and the Security layers don't work! To fix this, UNINSTALL UIM, and then REINSTALL it. Be sure to UNINSTALL first, because I've had reports that reinstalling over the old installation doesn't do the trick.

    WARNING! If you decide to use the CLM versions of the Beach and Ski pack, please remove Pack Beach_Buildings.patch and ski residences.patch - their changes are already included in the new CLM packs! You must keep seaside residences.patch and also PackBeach Roads and Transitions - they make changes that aren't included in the CLM packs.

    After installing CLM and starting for the first time your old big cities, you will notice abrupt changes in their economy!
    Generally, Retail demand will skyrocket (especially if the city has lots of hotels); also, since some Retail buildings have been remade into Entertainment buildings, the general Retail supply might drop a bit (although not much - most buildings were T1). Also, 2 former Offices (one T2 and another T3) have been made Cultural Leisure - and you will surely have some of them in the city. Since they all cost the city money now, you'll take a hit in your budget, so you need to find and probably destroy some of them. Use the Leisure layer to track them down easily! From now on they won't spawn anymore into Office zones, just as the former Retail won't spawn anymore into Retail zones. However, you'll need to deal with the existing buildings.

    Also, since some Leisure and many Retail buildings are now Entertainment (and thus produce Crime), you'll find that your city has quite a lot of crime now - be ready to deal with it! Once you figure out which buildings are dangerous (this is very easy, using the Security layer), you'll be able to delete them easily, if you choose.

    Don't be scared - pausing the game will give you more than enough time to deal with the changes, if you know where to look.
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    XL Nation User Interface Mod

Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: v3.90
    ski resort it's what I really wanted ! Great Pack
  2. BahadirB
    Version: v3.90
    I am not sure how to remove the permanent effect of the mod, I deleted the mod files (and the related buildings) but I cannot get back to the "relatively" secure city of mine!
  3. MadTech
    Version: v3.90
    Have used this in platinum with excellent results.

    Will this work with cxxl 2015?
  4. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    Version: v3.90
    This is another must-have mod. It features a lot of cool buildings and ups the retail demand, finally!
  5. gseid87
    Version: v3.90
    One of the greatest mods ever