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Ploppables The Greek Theatre v1.00

An old Greek Theatre

  1. katalambda
    original modder: katalambda

    This model is not created by me, it has been taken from 3d warehouse, i tried to keep the original textures even when some of them are not really good.

    The model, of course, has LODS + all maps, you can find it in the European pack, blueprint.

    This is my first release.

    Some Pics:
    cxl_screenshot_testcity_28_zps6ee5a1f0.jpg cxl_screenshot_testcity_29_zpscdf5e112.jpg cxl_screenshot_testcity_30_zps94d14b87.jpg cxl_screenshot_testcity_32_zps38b8a791.jpg
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    XL Nation User Interface Mod
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Recent Reviews

  1. Ze_Doc
    Version: v1.00
    works with XXL ....
  2. Rene
    Version: v1.00
    I love this, truly beautiful