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CJ The old town of Saltlake David

Historical centre

  1. benhur1967
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    Cities XXL Tours has the big pleasure to invite you to discover Saltlake David.
    Read the journal to see the daily addictions. The city is always in progress!

    Formerly named as LealMachado during the Colonial Age, this town recovered its European style after the Fourth Modern Punic War.
    The ancient Roman remains are still covered with dust and rubbles.
    The new mayor John Christlighthouse has promoted works of restoration of a relevant portion of the old city centre.
    The medieval Zentrum is almost completely recovered.
    A new highway connection to Nicky's Placid Lake is under construction and a small industrial district is progressing thanks to an important Chinese and Prussian immigration.
    Young people, mostly coming from the wealthiest families of Bustus Arsepius and New Mediolanum, are joining the universitary district of Brazz'.
    A comforting economic impulse is stemming from the joint venture between Tanus Slave Operation and the Prussian Kreker and Jegher ltd.
    Tanus Slave Operation is the pride of our town and is expanding across the frontiers. Economic experts say that a merging with the Italian Paperelle SpA is imminent.

    * * *
    cxl_screenshot_saltlake david_29.jpg
    Helicopter view of Saint David Cathedral and The Parliament Hall

    cxl_screenshot_saltlake david_53.jpg
    The city has a huge amount of historical monument. It boasts three ancient districts in a very concentrated area. Perfectly symmetrical, the Clock Tower looks proudly at the two bell towers of Saint David Cathedral.
    The terrace of General Bank is a good point of observation. On the background, you can see the highway bridge (under construction) connecting the metropolitan district to Nicky's Placid Lake.

    cxl_screenshot_saltlake david_64.jpg
    What time is it? You can easily see the time from Bank alley, the real entrance to the Renaissance area.

    cxl_screenshot_saltlake david_22.jpg
    The Parliament Hall returned to its original splendour after the recent renovation

    cxl_screenshot_saltlake david_9.jpg
    Behind the Parliament Hall there is the so-called Lemon Castle. Surrounded by four small towers, it traces the perimeter of the Roman pretorio. Now is a public lemon garden - an oasis of relax in the middle of the city.

    cxl_screenshot_saltlake david_20.jpg
    A relaxing walk before breakfast in Brazz' neighborhood

    cxl_screenshot_saltlake david_32.jpg
    It is nice strolling around the books' district!

    Behind the old church of Saint George Michy marking the boundary of medieval area, there is the historic factory of Natty Cream and next to it the well known Natty Shop.

    cxl_screenshot_saltlake david_34.jpg
    A quiet view of the Roman Alley from the veranda of Mr. Christopher.

    cxl_screenshot_saltlake david_49.jpg
    In spite of the medieval style of its buildings, Roman Alley is the centre of the most refined shopping in town.

    cxl_screenshot_saltlake david_46.jpg
    A growing number of young people is coming to town!

    cxl_screenshot_saltlake david_4.jpg
    The white tower hosting the headquarters of Tanus Slave Operation close to the office of Kreker and Jegher ltd.

    cxl_screenshot_saltlake david_74.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_saltlake david_71.jpg
    Nicky's Placid Lake - The first buildings and infrastructures have been built at Little Marina. Some boats begin to sail on the quiet surface of the lake, while the bridge is getting longer and longer to reach Marina Grande.

    This old photograph was taken by Elizabeth Gardenia, the only survivor who escaped from the gloomy Howcome Castle, now demolished by the peasants living outside the town. They say that horrible rituals were made in there to satisfy the demon of Ash-ug-a-tura!

    cxl_screenshot_saltlake david_47.jpg
    Good night from the roofs!

    Many thanks to all the modders who brought life to this town with their creations!
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Recent Reviews

  1. ObelicS
    Nice town and details. 3rd picture is amazing !
    1. benhur1967
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much!
  2. lennon77
    Una pequeña y encantadora ciudad.
    1. benhur1967
      Author's Response
      Grazie, gracias, thanks, merci, obrigado! :-)
  3. Big Meany Mean
    Big Meany Mean
    Nice looking town
    1. benhur1967
      Author's Response
      Obrigado... so much!