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CJ The Rise of Athellen - Construction Journal

Current Progress 30% ...

  1. RealCity
    Well, I wasn't planning to add any description before I get the whole map finished. However, I just found out that Icy tagged my CJ on the homepage. Big surprise to me! So I thought it's time to tell my little story about Athellen and share some of my building experience with you guys ^^

    My original plan was make a little modern city located on the east coast of north American. The architecture should be of a modern style, with a small historic district featured euro-style structures. The plan gets bigger and bigger, as I wander through Google earth in many many different cities. There are so many things to build, and then there comes Athellen, the final plan of a large metropolis sprawling over the whole map.

    I was thinking about finish this city in 6 month. However I totally underestimated how much effort I need to put in this project. Especially to make the city realistic and full of details. Right now only less than 50% of the city is finished. It may take me years to build this city.

    The picture below is an overview of central part of Athellen. All the interchanges has a really life model I found in google earth. To make splitting high way merge into a single bridge like reallife, I made some modification to Altiris' Large Avenue Splitter mod, Now it can connects avenue bridge to any type of two-lane roads. If you are interested, message me and I can mail it to you. I didn't have the authority to publish the modified version.

    The waterfronts are probably the most time consuming work during the construction. To simulate those real waterfronts on google earth, I use 1m road to draw different layers along the fronts then fill different type of plazas to make it look real. It took me two month to finish about 2 miles of waterfronts. But the result is stunning.

    The sunken express way and interchange that enters downtown.
    Leftside is the old town historic area.

    The city hall located in old town.

    Central park in dowtown

    The night view. I really love this one. The picture was taken when I just started building this city. It took me so much time to find those buildings that resembles a perfect night view.

    About to come.... Rail System.
    The rails in cities xl is really a pain in the A$$. Tried many ways, but still not even close to realistic. That little short metro......too far from a real train.

Recent Reviews

  1. Luna
    Looks really good, impressing skyline !!
  2. xman90
    perfect~! amazing,can't be better!
  3. Chencho
    amazing skyline
  4. heonetsung
    So far the bustling skyscrapers are great! Those traffic you designed is impressive! Eager to see more about the classical area in the future.
  5. MrPeperonny
    The first thing that came to my mind: impressive highway system! And then there's the rail that unites with the highway. Looks absolutely fantastic.

    I don't know why but I can't make friends with the skyline of the city. I think at some points it's just a bit too much. But that's just my personal taste.

    Your coastlines are amazing. The houses in the third image are placed very well in this little bay. The little park in the fourth picture with it's litte stones is so beautiful. You are really good working with plazas and parks. Nice! :)
  6. MrF1
    Great work. Night view looks really good.
  7. veija2
    Very nicely done. Glad to see a city so well done.
  8. Ammar Shaker
    Ammar Shaker
    This is something you can't even discuss, you have to give it 5 stars without any questions :)
  9. fanattiq
    Excelent work! I will be waiting for more general pictures...
  10. Anonymous
    대박 !!! super great ! keep it up !!