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CJ Tokarga

The High Voltage city

  1. Barnabu
    This is my first city that I make seriously :D.

    Name : TOKARGA
    Population : 2,400,000
    Budget : over 1 billion
    Cashflow : 317,000,000
    Specialization : energy (more than 80,000 tokens sold to Mr Madalff :D)
    Type of roads : French
    Style : European with spider net road structure (very few of 90° angle roads)
    Most remarkable structure : the great dam.

    Some pictures :

    The central park

    The High School and the Colossus

    East Industrial Area

    The Station

    The 6,400 MW Nuclear Plant

    The great dam of Tokarga

    Characteristics :
    Total height : 390 m
    Maximal water fall height : 360 m
    Length at the top : 1,214 m
    Width : 70 m (base) ; 15 m (top)
    Power installation : 12 Francis type water turbines, 1,250 MW each one.
    Maximal power : 15,000 MW
    Production capacity : 92 TWh/year

    Another view

    Inspiration sources :
    - Hoover Dam (Colorado river, USA) for the base.
    - Dam of Bort-les-Orgues (Dordogne river, France) for the wall and the lake.

    Views of the lake


    Global view

    We can see the old center with a large avenue around it and some avenues converging on the center.
    Riverside fit out with a dirt track and trees. Ideal for footing without hazard due to the traffic (passages under bridges).

    More pics under update section.

Recent Reviews

  1. heonetsung
    Very creative with the dam and this city has a lovely skyline!
  2. Ammar Shaker
    Ammar Shaker
    very nice, i like the rail station the most :)
  3. MangoRises
    that's an impressive dam
  4. dlimpens
    nice city................
  5. Möebius
    Very original the dam has even a spillway...
  6. RealCity
    wow, that dam is very creative. What an mazing view!
  7. kipate
    I will change my vote and give it five stars!
    It may have one or two flaws, BUT
    the overall impression is that you cared a lot
    about this special city, congratulations!!!
  8. Al Ameer Basheer
    Al Ameer Basheer
    Dam looks fentastic, missing a large highway!!!. looks really nice
  9. wilsonjj
    love that dam! dam good!
  10. MuxLee
    Dam!!!! :) this is great very original