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Changes Traffic Settings: Mass Transit - Edition Express, Traffic Ordinance 1.1

Any Mass Transit - Express Edition

  1. Rene
    Original Author: Rene

    Traffic Ordinance: Any Mass Transit - Express Edition
    * This mod affects mass transit - public transport, however one wants to put it.
    * Increases any mass transport method whether metro, bus, tram, ferry
    * Not forgetting cars, it gives headroom for cars and does not force citizens to use mass transit
    * Citizens will walk few hundred meters more than default
    * Dependency of every Express Edition Series Mod.

    How mod affects:

    Increases mass transit use, some 35%, and also gives headroom for cars, so that citizens are not forced to use mass transit - if they prefer car.
    It's a dependency because with other Express Edition mod it creates a combination.

    Your traffic layout is the most important affector; Where you place your stations and stops and how you make your lines! Obviously understood here is that given precise accurate description on how it will effect your cities - is at your hands, if you do things wrong in the first place in the game, this mod does not fix it.

    The thing is that citizens aren't forced to use the metro/bus/any, use car if they want - the default value of car travel max "trip time" covers all map area, as long as connections are provided.

    Car usage is default in this mod (Express Edition) which with increasing mass transport gives the normal headroom for cars, spiced with optimized walking - they can actually walk to work and to mass transit stops.

    Walking paths are not long, but short - and those are easy and quick to count for the engine.

    - Not compatible with NEXL Bikes.

    INSTALL: Place the mod in paks or paks/mods
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):


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Recent Reviews

  1. gseid87
    Version: 1.1
    Seems interesting