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Tutorial Tutorial - Create Realistic Lakes

This tutorial video will teach you how to create realistic lakes

  1. XL Nation Staff
    Hey all,

    Today we will teach you how to best make realistic lakes with no errors.
    This meaning no need to start again, because your following a way that will always be successful [​IMG]

    Remember to press the 'Like' button if you like this tutorial! [​IMG]

    Just following the video to follow a detailed step-by-step tutorial.
    It is texted so you can always easilly pause it if it is going too fast.

    Remember to make sure your not trying this on sea lvl, because you can't go down then.

    Link to my video channel hosting many CXL videos:

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Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Good old diScOpOlis' tutorial,
    nothing can beat them,
    go and shut up, kipate,
    you stupid wannabe!
    THIS video is just gold for any newbie,
    easy to understand, and gives some
    really nice addition to the players'