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CJ Two island City


  1. Frankie
    Game Version:
    • Cities XL Platinum







Recent Reviews

  1. FussionM
    Apart of what others have said below (pics, highrises ...).. I think this is a great city! A lot of time and thought went into this. I ll be around to see the new pics ;)
    1. Frankie
      Author's Response
      thank you for your comment, yes, i spent a lot of time to bulid this city.
  2. Spock
    your city are very good but you really need to rework the pictures
    1. Frankie
      Author's Response
      thank you , i will update some new pictures.
  3. ryankoo
    Nice idea, overview look is great, but an island city should not have high building.
    1. Frankie
      Author's Response
      yes, you are right, so i remove the high bulidings
  4. Artmaster
    I second what nicknick and others say about the image quality. Some tips for image taking:

    1. Maximize your memory by turning off all background programs before going into CXL as to be able to run the highest graphics possible.
    2. At the very least, turn on Anti-Aliasing in game to get rid of sharp edges on buildings in the images.
    3. If your computer can handle it, turn all your graphics up just for awhile if your going to take pictures.
    4. If your graphics card crashes the game, reload and turn it up one step each time until you know it's limit.
    5. Particle and water reflection aren't as important to the images, so those can be turned off if you find graphics to be slowing you down too hard to snap screenshots.

    Would like to see some closer shots as well! Cheers
    1. Frankie
      Author's Response
      thank you so much for your advise how to snap screenshots, i will try, thanks!
  5. nicknick
    A very nice city with a lot of interesting ideas and a lot of work but really pictures should be better.
    Pictures do manage to wreck a wonderfully designed city with a lot of good idead and a wonderful use of what we 'd call land-reclaim in the real world and what is OWP in-game.
    Well done but do consider snapping some betterphotos. . . it would make this journal a far better one and easier to read - understand.
    1. Frankie
      Author's Response
      thank you for your good comment and advise, but i am not goot at how to snap the photos....
  6. jairien
    good job, i am rating the city you've made, not the picture :D
    1. Frankie
      Author's Response
      thank you!
  7. Anonymous
    With sharper pictures I could make a real rating... Otherwise not!
  8. Anonymous
    The city view is perfect! But where is streetview?
    Picture quality is so bad ...
    1. Frankie
      Author's Response
      yes, i know the picture quality is so bad, but i already updated some new pictures, thank you!
  9. kipate
    Four stars from me!
    Good, but there are some things that I dislike:

    1) Images look a bit blurry, at least for me.
    2) some skyscrapers are too tall for my taste,
    anything above 200-250 metres is too high.
    3) I would have prefered it that the artificial islands in the southern half
    were more connected to the real island.
    4) are some of the buildings standing exactly on sea level?

    1) nice overall road layout.
    2) you cared a lot about decoration and stuff!
    3) except for the skyscrapers, the building style is rather consistent!
    4) some creative ideas with no-collision stuff!
    1. Frankie
      Author's Response
      thank you and I re-post some photos.