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Buildings Ultimate Modular Construction Mod II V2.0

Create your own realistic constructin

  1. fayeddd
    • Cities XXL Community MOD
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    • Cities XL Platinum
    Enjoy guys!

    Modular Construction Mod part 2 is here! yeah!
    basically it is same with the first one, it lets you to create your own construction site. But in this version you will able to create more creative, more amazing, more realistic, more variety and a lot of more. This version also makes you easier at placing not really.
    More Images:
    Register or to view Spoiler content!

    Before you create your own construction, try to study how realistic construction is. and find the function of each thing. I hope you find this mod really useful.
    This mod contains:

    • 1 Barrier
    • 1 Tractor Vehicle
    • 2 Styles of Core
    • 6 Different Cranes
    • 6 Windows Facade
    • 1 Construction Facade
    • 2 Construction Nets
    • 10 Construction Fences
    • 4 Different Construction Floors
    • 3 Construction Plazas
    Where can i find these?
    Click the limitless construction button and you can find these in decoration tab.

    How to rotate thing?
    Hold shift and move your mouse slowly to the right or left

    1. Build each thing in close distance to avoid gap between things
    2. Be patient
    Where is the part 1?
    Modular Construction Mod by fayeddd Buildings - Modular Construction Mod

    Thanks to:
    • Skullz613 for creating the plaza
    • Monty for letting me use his thumbnail
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Recent Reviews

  1. riscoo
    Version: V2.0
    Hey! I can't find the windows, can you help me please?
  2. Anonymous
    Version: V2.0
    This is so Great!! Thank you!
  3. Ole
    Version: V2.0
    I wish there was something like this in Cities Skylines :P
  4. alex l
    alex l
    Version: V2.0
    Just a masterpiece, great job, a great addition to our city. Thank you very much, fayedd!
  5. Inan
    Version: V2.0
    Thanks a lot! Now our cities get even more realistic!
    Version: V2.0
    Thanks for this! i do need more of these mod,they are very useful !
  7. Dr. Wang
    Dr. Wang
    Version: V2.0
    Good mod, very nice, adds great touch of realistic to cities. Except one problem: the rotations are always shifted, not parallel with the roads
  8. OmniusPrime
    Version: V2.0
    Wow, looks awesome though it will be challenging for me to get things to match up as I have clumsy fingers. An interesting construction set and great choice for making buildings under construction. I like the fence tributes to other modders! Awesome menu placement!

    I looked for the first set but don't see it under XXL Resources, is it under XL? Is this one set enough to do the job?
    1. fayeddd
      Author's Response
      MCM part 1 is in the same location with this mod if you play in XXL. you dont need to have both, one is fine. but both is also fine. i will update on desc for the link of part 1
  9. skullz613
    Version: V2.0
    Looks awesome! Glad I could help you out :)
  10. Dario Viada
    Dario Viada
    Version: V2.0
    excellent job , thanks for sharing