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Changes Unlocker Light 1.2

Unlocks various landmarks and buildings. Original author: Soltan Gris.

  1. royb 98
    • None
    Game Version:
    • Cities XL 2012
    • Cities XL 2009 - 2011
    • Cities XL Platinum
    Original author: Soltan Gris

    An old mod hidden in the Mystery Patches 2 for a long time. Although it works in Cities XXL, it also appears to have some major bugs in Cities XXL:
    • the "Toggle Building Filter" button disappears
    • the "Switch between zoning and buildings alone" button disappears
    Check the discussion for more info about this. Please reply if you find any more bugs. So far no bugs found in Cities XL.

    Original post here or below (cropped):

    Welcome to the Unlocker Light for CXL 2012 - an effort to finally replace the outdated Unlocker mods of the past.

    This version contains all buildings, except the Desalination Plant and the San Francisco City Hall, which is in the game as ploppable anyway. Most buildings can be plopped indefinitely (not only once), and appear almost immediately at city start. The "Blueprints' are now ploppable (single plop), and are found in the relevant Pack -> Buildings (NOT in Pack->Blueprints!). Also, the Lite version doesn't require XLN UIM to run.

    WARNING: it's advisable to install either the Lite or the Realistic version, not both at once!
    As usual, please report any problems.

    This mod unlocks a number of buildings already in the game, some of which were available only for certain CXL accounts or types, and others which were simply locked. All buildings are fully functional (not eye candy), and are also designed to fill certain roles in the game. The entire mod is compatible with XLN UIM (which is required to run), and all the latest most important mods for CXL 2012. Please report any conflicts.

    Here is a list of the buildings included, and their functions:

    • Nelson column - ploppable statue (no workers required, no road access required)
    • Sophia's Bell Tower - ploppable Landmark
    • Rodinamat Statue in Kiev - Landmark, produces Holidays
    • Berlin Cathedral - Landmark
    • Berlin National Gallery - Cultural Leisure (I've simply reduced the pop. requirement, so it would appear earlier)
    • Berlin's Reichstag building - XL Security Landmark
    • London St Paul Cathedral - Landmark
    • London Admiralty Arch - Landmark
    • New York Trump Building - XL Office
    • LA Royce hall - Cultural Leisure Landmark
    • Sydney Australian Museum - Cultural Leisure Landmark
    • Sydney St Mary's Cathedral - Landmark
    • Sydney Queen Victoria building - Landmark
    • The Coccoon Tower - Office Landmark
    • Tokyo Mori Tower 2 - Office Landmark
    • Shipyard - later this building will be required for construction of Blueprint ships (RMS Titanik, Aircraft Carrier)
    • The Budha Statue
    • Angkor Wat complex
    • The Great Pyramid of Ghiza
    • San Francisko City Hall (now also as a Blueprint, with more bonuses)
    • Transamerica Pyramid building
    • Sydney Opera House
    • The Desalination Plant
    • The Olympic Pool stadium
    • RMS Titanik
    • The Aricraft Carrier
    Most of the buildings are in the Landmarks section; some are in the Civic services section, and the Leisure ones - under Cultural Leisure.

    There are two buildings that are not Landmarks, but are interesting: One is the BMW's Headquarters (which snick also unlocked yesterday), which functions as a Food Industry special office; the other is the San Jose City hall, which functions as an University (XL Education; there's also a new Cultural center building.


    NOTE: These Blueprints are found in the various packs, just as all others. Note also that they require resources to build, just like normal Blueprints! Also note that the maintenance price for the new BPs is variable - it grows during the building process, as it used to be during the Planet Offer. I like it better that way, because it feels more 'natural' for the project to cost more the more advanced its stage is. However, the final maintenance price won't show from the very beginning.

    NOTE 2: Sometimes the Unlock requirements don't kick in for some reason.... this is normally fixed by turning off and back on the Expert mode in the city (the game then reevaluates all Unlock requirements and everything settles down).
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Recent Reviews

  1. OmniusPrime
    Version: 1.2
    Awesome! I'm glad this is merely a patch and not a choice between two files. I saw the ships and shipyard mentioned, can't wait to build them in my next city which will have ocean and beaches. Don't sweat the initial warning, those filter buttons always disappeared when you accessed a Blueprint building. Just save, go back and restore the save and the filter buttons are back. I saw some buildings without even having to use the cheat unlock all buildings feature. Blueprint buildings stay under Blueprints, not Pack/Buildings, as they should.
  2. Nyako-sensei
    Version: 1.2
    Wonderful unlocker!! So many great buildings!!