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Ploppables Uokiok Avenue Pedestrian Bridges - XXL 1.3

Original Author is Uokiok, Now NC and place-able over water

  1. Returned some class files name back to what they were

    Had to rename a few of the class files back to what they were in 1.1 otherwise all existing bridges would need to be removed from your cities to prevent a crash.
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  2. Fixed 60m and one other that were not working as nc

    Version 1.3 (1.2 was done for the 2.09 CM but I never released it)

    Fixed 60m and one other that were not working as nc.
    Also gave the thumbnails a complete overhaul

    See updated menu pictures on main post.

    Note: Use only one patch. Check the Community Mod version your using and use the ped bridge patch ending with 208 or 209.

    You will need to remove any bridges from your city before replacing the old patch file.
    If this is a pain for to many people I will redo the patches using the old...
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  3. Updated with no collision option any now also placeable over water

    As requested I have updated the bridges so there is also a no collision option. Normal ones are still in the custom menu.

    Menu location for NC


    I have also made both versions place-able over water.

    Remove XXL_SKL_kh_pedestrianbridges_beta and replace with version 1.1.
    Existing bridges will be OK.
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