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CJ Valaxtine sur Choisille - New Before/After Timelaps : the quay !

Creating a city like a real mayor

  1. vallamir
    Game Version:
    • Cities: Skylines
    Hi everyone ! I've just finished a big district in my city (well.. i finished it one week ago, but it takes many time to realize the video). So today i'm glad to share with you my latest video (it's probably the only one video i can share with you because all other are in french). I also tried to creat something "original" with this "before/after" concept. So, i hope you will like it !

    And some pictures !

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Recent Reviews

  1. benhur1967
    Seeing your works made me longing for cities skylines, and i bought it! Unfortunately, also my computers are not so powerful as they should and I remained here, Any suggestions about playing minimizing those lags? Thank you
  2. johndai
    Very beautiful settings - luv it
    Lots of ideas to try out so thanks very much.
  3. Inan
    Another nice Skylines City! I like the industrial complexes and the rural Areas. There are more and more mods for Details and beautification in this game.
  4. seizheurdumat
    I love the concept so 5 stars.
    1. vallamir
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot !! ;)
  5. exit1423
    I think Its time to move on skylines
    Enjoyeded your city as well!
    1. vallamir
      Author's Response
      ^^ I was a fan of cities XL and XXL, but since you the possibility to do what ever you want on cities skylines i play only on this game. The only problem i see is that my computer is not enough powerfull for running properly Cities Skylines without some lag...
  6. kipate
    Wow, that's a pretty good transition. I like how you included the old factory within the new district. Also, your work on the parks and gardens is extraordinary, I love them.
    Only thing I am critical about is the lack of decorations next to the riverside. I know the side is steep, but I can still imagine some walkways to be placed here and there.
    1. vallamir
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your comment ! Some people critisize de transition between this new district and the old city, so i'm really happy to have an other point of view about it ! For the riverside, it's also something that many people told me ^^ The next episode i'm going to present here will be about this. Thanks again for your comment !