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CJ Veritio

A futuristic city

  1. Richard Mayne
    Screenshot 30.png Screenshot 25.png This is the new Veritio. I have completely remade the city. Veritio is the ideal city for technology, education, and prosperity. Sorry for the graphics, Im upgrading my memory and video card. It is the capital of a global empire located in a far off colorful nebula in the universe. It is said that the romans learned some of the basic technology such as making concrete and advanced architecture from this civilization upon arrival when Veritio was looking for more resources.

    This here is where the government of Veritio convenes in order to discuss political and global issues and even issues regarding resources from beyond the home world.
    Screenshot 26.png

    If anyone could offer any creative ideas to enhance my city that would be well appreciated. I will even give out my custom maps. There pretty well made. Been trying to make them cities xl quality like mountain top lake. Im always looking to improve.

    Screenshot 27.png
    Screenshot 31.png Screenshot 32.png Screenshot 29.png


    1. Screenshot 25.png

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Recent Reviews

  1. Ze_Doc
    considering i ve never played skyline but watched many videos, i know a bit about its difficulty level, and so i know you re for sure skilled at this game.
    Now i can t put more stars because of the overall "glass box" looking ....
    still i like it , railways, layout ...... very good

    ps : is it me or skycrapers are way oversized, the difference between low and high density is huge, more than in xl ??
  2. Kurtis Edwards
    Kurtis Edwards
    For Cities: Skylines, I think it's pretty good. I am just overall underwhelmed with Skylines. The functionality is sought after but I just don't like "glass box" look and find Cities: XL to be so much sharper. Plus, as flawed as XL is, the amount of customization is tremendous. Skylines is really fun to play though.
  3. mobile
    Looks good.Btw,you need to post more pictures.
  4. kipate
    It may only be a start, but it looks good already!
    Keep up the nice work!
    If your computer allows for it, try to use some decorative
    mods to make your city more realistic, e.g. some eye candy
    monorail mod by fayeddd :)