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CJ Vyystabordur

Vyystabordur city of the North

  1. Mrvincie101
    Vyystabordur, a
    mix of western style and the Scandinavian nature...
    still under construction
    View attachment 10484
    Rausturpark View attachment 10507

    city vieuw View attachment 10492
    View attachment 10493 View attachment 10494 View attachment 10495
    View attachment 10502 View attachment 10503 View attachment 10492 View attachment 10493
    pyhä kirkko.
    View attachment 10504 View attachment 10506 Östabordur lähiö (suburb) View attachment 10490 View attachment 10500

    Vyystabordur alþjóðlega flugvellinum (international airport)
    View attachment 10496 View attachment 10497 View attachment 10514
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Recent Reviews

  1. Teddy Radko
    Teddy Radko
    Awsome, got a real Norway feel and I love the Icelandic names! I will follow this patiently, eager to see how you will manage the natural areas, a important part I think in scandinavian cities.
  2. Andommak
    I like scandinavian landscapes. The town has a promising future.
  3. pingyao
    I like the suburban areas, downtown needs more focus I feel. The actual map has bags of potential.
  4. kipate
    A promising start is what I see!
    Very nice recreational areas,
    and a nice composition of buildings!
    At some points, I would have wished for
    a bit more realism, e.g. port and airport
    are worthy of a little refinement...
    Up to you :)
  5. Josephlonde
    It can get a big future