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Ploppables Wall Collection 1 1.2

Wall Collection 01 - Original autor Eano

  1. eano
    Eano Industry presents the

    I’ve always felt that the game has missed out a major detail of any city; walls and gates. The project started with Chisuki’s Walls and got a little out of hand. My wife thinks I’m nuts, my dog ate my shoe behind me while I was concentrating; maybe I did go too far...

    This patch contains 30 unique models sorted into different upgrade tabs. The total patch is relatively small at 3.9Mb; the texture quality was lowered a little from the screenshots posted on the development thread for faster cities, I'm not sure if it will be noticeable though.


    TWO important steps before you lock down your citizens.

    Please ensure that you have the latest version of the UIM installed, the update included new tags for the walls.
    Find it HERE.

    IF YOU WERE TESTING THE BETA VERSION, please delete the 0.1 BETA patch and replace with this baby!

    This is the FULL RELEASE, version 1 point oh. I've listened to the feedback and have decided to add the MSNOCOLLISION tags to all of the walls, they are found in the limitless construction tab in the Decoration>Furniture tabs with the regular collision walls. I've also filled the 30th slot with a square cut shrub at 2.2 meters high, 10 meters long. Enjoy!!!


    Dimension wise, the walls stick to a 10 meter standard. I have found this to be a great all round size to accommodate detailed building and blocking in larger areas. If there is an overwhelming demand for a certain wall or gate to be extended (or scaled down), I will add them to the collection.The addition of the upgrade tabs means you’ll only need to place a category of model once. Be warned, for some reason there is an offset when selecting the furniture again, try clicking around it, it's not too problematic IMHO.

    The collision set up allows for road alignment and will snap at the usual 2 meter intervals on regular roads. It won’t allow for placing across from junctions for some reason. There isn’t any snapping on highways. You can also overlap walls at awkward corners. The pillar spacing on some fences will look odd when overlapped, hide it well! They are all set up with a 0 value for collision depth which means you can place then between buildings and roads without anything deleting in the process.

    For reference, Chisuki’s Walls are 20 meters by 5 meters high. The walls don’t go much beyond 3 meters high, this lower scale adds a nice depth to the city’s aesthetic. The gates are mostly at 6 meters across; there are a couple other sizes with only one model to establish the upgrade categories of 2 meters and 4 meters.


    The categories are as follows

    • Highway walls – noise barriers and the low concrete barriers
    • Domestic Walls – wood slatted fence.
    • Security Walls – chain link fences, and palisade steel.
    • Low Walls – plain and decorated brick and iron wall, shrub added to this category
    • Bollards – simple concrete and fancy chain linked
    • Concrete and Brick Walls – brick, breeze block (cinder), white stucco and old stone wall
    • Wrought Iron Fences – park and fancy fence
    • 6 Meter Gates – fancy iron, chain link versions, and an assortment of other variations
    • 4 Meter Gates - old stone
    • 2 Meter Gates – park gate

    All of the models are found in the Decorations>Furniture tab.

    Have a play with the different sizes and let me know how you get on!

    While you wait the few seconds for the patch to download, pleas enjoy our pre feature entertainment, brought to you by none other than the ubiquitous DiscOpOlis! Thank you sir!

    Your feedback is important to me, please report your findings, good and bad! Post notes about this specific patch on this thread. Use THIS thread on the XLEX request forum for new ideas and additions to this project. The next volume may not happen immediately…

    Special thanks to the support and assistance from Altiris, Discopolis, jrvieux and others on the forums and such, it wouldn’t have happened without you guys!

    Also thank you cemboa and lexus for the noise barrier and gate suggestions, I think you both will be pleased with the selection! Thank you to Trolca for the shrub suggestion for the 30th slot! Of course, thank you for all of the kind support on the development thread from everyone else!

    Walls and Gates sometimes don't snap together
    I've found this is applicable at certain angles, I advise building along small roads or 1 lane highway if you want to lay a precise wall down. The wall pieces don't snap on these road types, use collision walls! I've also included the limitless construction tags allowing overlap and height stacking!

    Crashing the game
    I can only point to two issues, one is version 1.77.5 or later of the UIM is not installed, or there is a mod conflict that I have no control over. There are also reports that this mod works well with CXL2011!!! [​IMG]

    Can't fill with plaza texture after walling in a section
    This is an unavoidable issue for ANY asset using a collision box, no matter how small the collision is. The plaza's need some road or 'non-structure' to bind too. I've tested this to see how much area is required for a plaza to be allowed, you have to usually leave about 40% of the plaza fill free of structures. The full release features no collision versions, they will build anywhere but won't snap to roads. Can't win them all. ALSO - try building inner roads or footpaths in your enclosures, the plazas will fill fine and you'll add some cool detail to the garden!

    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    User Interface Mod
    Shader Pack
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Recent Reviews

  1. claudio Diniz
    claudio Diniz
    Version: 1.2
    great to add more realism to the city
  2. wozzeck
    Version: 1.2
    I'm having issues with this mod on XXL. Ever since I installed it, the small collition mod for XXL wont work. I can use the limitless construction tool, but some buildings are not availeable in this tag and somehow it makes the game more unstable. I tried to remove it from the mod folder but the game crashes, even after deleting every single piece of wall i've placed in my city, so I had to install it back. I wonder if the author still around to fix it, or somebody can adapt it to work on XXL propperly. Thank you.
  3. Anonymous
    Version: 1.2
    I hope this work with Cities XXL.. I wonder if the menu location is changed, will it work with xxl then?
  4. gseid87
    Version: 1.2
    Good to customization of the town
    Use it with care, its a bit hard to delete it without breaking any buildings around