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Transportation Wear and tear road Wear and tear road 1.0

Replace the German road texture

  1. XL Nation Staff
    Migrator's note: zhurenweile is the original author of this mod.

    Replace the German road texture

    173258373201304011956442967604668576_003.jpg 173258373201304011956442967604668576_002.jpg 173258373201304011956442967604668576_001.jpg 173258373201304011956442967604668576_000.jpg 173258373201304011956442967604668576_015.jpg 173258373201304011956442967604668576_014.jpg 173258373201304011956442967604668576_013.jpg 173258373201304011956442967604668576_012.jpg 173258373201304011956442967604668576_011.jpg 173258373201304011956442967604668576_010.jpg 173258373201304011956442967604668576_009.jpg 173258373201304011956442967604668576_008.jpg 173258373201304011956442967604668576_007.jpg 173258373201304011956442967604668576_006.jpg 173258373201304011956442967604668576_005.jpg 173258373201304011956442967604668576_004.jpg

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Recent Reviews

  1. Puss in boots
    Puss in boots
    Version: 1.0
    Love it, best road mod after rhm

    Dus this mod have custom shader?
  2. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    Version: 1.0
    This mod goes hand-in-hand with the "Derelict Buildings Mod".