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CJ Wellington Metropolitan Region

The progressive, modern region with a rich history.

  1. Wheelbarrow
    Game Version:
    • Cities: Skylines

    Update 1
    Transport for Wellington Map Teaser


    This is a teaser as part of this City Journal for Wellington.

    Please tune in for future updates!



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Recent Reviews

  1. Inan
    The picture quality is not the best, but i like the progress you have achieved in the picture in the update. Thats something i didn't see very often in Cities Skylines. Congrats for the citysize, i like that. Also i like the journal part.
  2. kipate
    I really love the journal part, and I admire your planning skills, as I have always done, even for your previous journals on the old side (Bretagnac I think it was?) :) the only thing that hinders me from giving you five stars is the quality of the images :(
    1. Wheelbarrow
      Author's Response
      I appreciate your comment! Yes, I agree - it is difficult to take decent photos on this game. I think it is because the game is not designed to be as fancy and photogenic as Cities Skylines... but still, I prefer this game over CS any day! I have uploaded a new update, hopefully it is kinda better? Let me know.
  3. selodinger
    Personally, found it great due to update. Hope to see the whole city the in further updates, good luck with that! May I ask that which version do you play?