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CJ Willis

First city in Western States Republic

  1. AntonIlic
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    First things first, i was doing my first city Corton by the time i was doing it dont have an idea about my imaginary country with all my cities, so today in the morning when i was in bed i had an idea about country with all my cities.
    And yes, Corton is in that country.
    So lets begin!!!

    Willis is located in SE of Western States Republic (WSE). Willis is located in slopes of Mt Jastrebak. Not too far from city is the Morava river and Perca lake with dam.
    Willis location in WSE:


    Willis was settled in 862 by Illiryans with name of Ilesi, two years later Slavs came from the mountains and settled nearby, there was a lot of tension between these two tribes. In 954 after Illiryans built a primary fort on Mt Jastrebak Slavs attacked them and they wrere defeated, after that they built a fort in nearby Roman settlement Nermium (todays Moravic). In 1088 the war started it was going on for 28 years. In 1110 when Iliryans were celebrating Slavs attacked nobody on Iliryan side survives 30.000 of them were dead on 200 slavs were killed after that Slavs won the war and rename Ilesi to Shvabac after that Willis had pretty peacefull history in 1555 Willis became Royal city with over 2.000 inhabitants.

    Slavs: 74%
    Illiryans: 15%
    Mountain tribes: 5%
    Germans: 2%
    Russians: 2%
    Roma: 1%
    Other: 1%


    cxl_screenshot_willis_1.jpg cxl_screenshot_willis_5.jpg
    Old Town: cxl_screenshot_willis_3.jpg Cathedral of St. Pavle
    cxl_screenshot_willis_4.jpg Republic Square:
    cxl_screenshot_willis_6.jpg cxl_screenshot_willis_7.jpg Few streets in Old Town:
    123.jpg 111.jpg
    WSR union bank:
    cxl_screenshot_willis_13.jpg cxl_screenshot_willis_14.jpg
    City Arena:
    Univesity Campus and Stadium:
    Willis International Airport (WIA):
    Nuclear power plant ,,Tesla,,
    Nisz is coming up next------------------------------------------------------------------


    1. cxl_screenshot_willis_5.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Rodyna
    Simply Good :)!
  2. Inan
    I give you a motivating rating. I like the country map, looks like Bretagne. I wish i can see some more pictures of the downtown, it looks actually nice. I know the RHM is not working well with XXL, so i don't judge that point. Nonetheless you have a lack of variety, some more mods for greenery, housing and custom packs would be appropriate, you would be able to create great Nuclear Power Plants and Airports. Overall i can say, it is a city with potential, i am looking forward to the next pictures!
    1. AntonIlic
      Author's Response
      Thanks, do you have any mods for me???