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CJ [WIP] Carthagenes

wip, american metropolis , offices, high-techs and holidays oriented

  1. Ze_Doc
    Hi and welcome to my first CJ on the new XL Nation !
    Ages ago, i wasn't used to post about "work in progress" cities but now i m so glad my old PC (brand new as i got the first CXL the day it came out) can run the new Citites XXL that i' melting here......

    thanks to the god that made the Delete CXL shadercache mod !:boww:

    Now let me introduce my new city : Carthagenes

    a part of downtown has already been built....

    To understand Why this city is born, i'll first let you know a bit about my play style.....
    I play themed and specialized cities most of the time ; i don't do many big cities but i need them too because i may need big amount of any tokens when i build BP's ...... Carthagenes is all about that : I needed a huge city that can provide enough offices and high techs for BP's !

    a part of DT CBD, no water front yet...

    I started by shaping my highways and interchanges, then put some important roads and the airport and finally designed scenery for some landmarks before placing any housing or any offices/industry as shown on the sat view below

    sat view shows the highway layout and interchanges and also most important landmarks

    After that necessary hard work i was able to place my first buildings. I love to take good screenshots, i love cool skylines making sense, i love mods and i really LOVE to take screenshots in this game ....
    so i started to build just against natural curse of time by placing first the highest skycrapers and offices buildings and filled with moded housing/retails ; then i started creating less higher areas with most american pack houses and public services.
    Now with a population at about 100k and selling some offices, holidays and hightechs i still am in red zone with budget because of many landmarks and some specialized buildings ; i also start to suffer the lack of mass transit sytem and freight/passengers issues but i need first to balance my incomes .....^^

    the parliament house, one of the "money grinder beauties" of the city....

    first part of the financial district, part pedestrian as you can see ; on the left the Centinial Building/park which took me hours to design....

    as you can hardly see here ^^ i use many custom content buildings.....but the lights are so cool !

    I' ll show you next time how i progressed on this project although i' m playing some other cities at the same time.....

    thanks for feed back, feel free to comment and special thanks to the modding community, great guys doing great job, keep up the good work !

    PS : please forgive my mistakes as english isn't my primary language.

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  1. ...and growing....
  2. #2 Keeps on growing...

Recent Reviews

  1. kipate
    probably the best city i have seen so far,
    i really like that you raised the skyline from
    zero to sky within the cbd area, those skyscrapers
    are excellently put together and you really have used
    a lot of embellishment mods to decorate your inner city.
    also, i do like the street layout, creative, thumbs up :)
    keep up the awesome work!
    1. Ze_Doc
      Author's Response
      thank you very much, i play really slowly, taking time to think before placing any building (i mean in a picture purpose, beause im used to game mechanichs) and it s really rewarding to read comments where people took time to read and watch the hard work of other players..... thank you for taking time and sharing your opinion, thank you very much !
  2. dlimpens
    nice city, good start...show more
  3. Anonymous
    Good but not excellent. :P
  4. ev23
  5. Kurtis Edwards
    Kurtis Edwards
    I imagine the more you do the more awesome it will be. I like your aesthetics so far. Really looking forward to updates.

    In the picture showing your waterfront, or future water front, you have some boulevards that have kinks and dips in them. I don't know if you know how to smooth those out. I make an intersection on either side of the dip, with enough room for smoothing (so, 4 or 5 small lots on either side, then delete the kinked part, using the bridge tool, I then reconnect the road to terraform under it, then I delete the bridge section, and add back the existing road piece. Almost 9 out of 10 times I get a smooth elevation rise/run.
  6. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    This city is great! I REALLY like your downtown and uptown area (visible on last picture). On your next update, would you care to show some of the suburbs? Also, please tell me the name some of those buildings on the bottom-left corner of your last picture. They look really cool.
    1. Ze_Doc
      Author's Response
      Thank you, i have to create suburbs before i show it to you ....^^

      buildings on the bottom left corner probably comes from one of the following mods : New York, 10x30 Residentials ; US. Low Rise Residential. Skilled workers pack. 1.1 ; US. Low Rise Residential. Skilled workers pack. 1.1;
      US. Low Rise Residential. Skilled workers pack. 1.1 ; NYC W2W Building pack (10 buildings)

      thank you again