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CJ Woody city

The best city of the earth

  1. arhiman1988
    Game Version:
    • Cities XL Platinum
    worked for 400 hours
    thanks to all
    thanks for mods
    cxl_screenshot_Хангар_4.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хангар_5.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хангар_7.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хангар_11.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хангар_15.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хангар_24.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хангар_25.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хангар_28.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хангар_33.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хангар_34.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хангар_37.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хангар_38.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хангар_39.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хангар_40.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хангар_41.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хангар_43.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хангар_44.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хангар_46.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хангар_48.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хангар_52.jpg cxl_screenshot_Хангар_51.jpg


    1. cxl_screenshot_Хангар_8.jpg
    2. cxl_screenshot_Хангар_12.jpg
    3. cxl_screenshot_Хангар_21.jpg
    4. cxl_screenshot_Хангар_22.jpg
    5. cxl_screenshot_Хангар_26.jpg
    6. cxl_screenshot_Хангар_29.jpg
    7. cxl_screenshot_Хангар_31.jpg
    8. cxl_screenshot_Хангар_32.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Kitsunebi
    That map is a real challenge... so, well done so far. Your city looks great although there could be some improvement here and there ;)
  2. Inan
    I was thinking about to give you 4 or 5 stars. I want to give you a motivating rating! Here and there the execution is not so good, the plazas for example or some placements of buildings. But i see you have some good ideas, that mountain road is well done and i also like parts of your promenade!
    1. arhiman1988
      Author's Response
      I agree, thanks
  3. kipate
    5 stars! I can see that you worked a lot on that city, and even on such a difficult map! I love the custom-made structures, be it the squares, be it the monorails stations, be it the statues. And your skyline looks great! Wise composition of buildings in my eyes. Also, you spent apparentely a lot of time decorating the structures, e.g. the Buddha Statue.

    But I hope for some improvement. Well, because I think that you could have invested some more time into the following:

    1) the shore next to the highrise district needs some access to the water. Why are there no stairs or similar? A lower lying area? I mean, the way it is, everyone will need to travel to the other side of the lake to get to the water. If that was for a few hundred meters only, then it would have been fine. I have had a similar situation in my city of Arenzano, where I built a promenade and hence restricted the access to the water for about 300m. But your promenade is a kilometer or more long. That's a lot.

    2) the bridge looks nice, but I the road behind is still quite steep. I know that creating serpentines takes a lot of time. But it will look more realistic in the end.

    3) your plazas sometimes may need some more ploppable decoration mods. They look a bit bare, I have to say.

    4) a journal would be nice. Or at least some descriptions. I think that this is essential for any journal, and people often tend to forget it. But when the story part is good, you will have the readers get a feeling for your city ;) :)
    1. arhiman1988
      Author's Response
      thank you for wishes. probably I will make something if there is time
  4. needspeed17
    5 stars for the beauty square and the parks!i enjoy in this city if it is real,i will!
    1. arhiman1988
  5. backofthegarden
    Great city for a tough map
    1. arhiman1988
    Very impressed!
    Well done with the city parks and 5 stars for it is not enough ^^
    1. arhiman1988