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Dependency XL User Interface Mod 1.79.9

XL Nation User Interface Mod, adding a lot of extra menu items

  1. Altiris
    • CitiesXL 2011
    • CitiesXL 2012
    • CitiesXL Platinum
    This is the XL Nation UI Mod. It can be used standalone, and adds quite a lot of extra menu items. It will be a prerequisite to installing NEXL components.

    It will be updated often, as nexl, clm or any other mod using this menu develops. Please check often for updates, and ensure you have the latest version.

    Big Thanks to Pharmist, User and Mr-Tom, for all their help in creating this mod and HyperWolf for providing this awesome site for us all. Also I'd like to thank the NEXL beta team for testing and helping out with issues, and of course the entire XLNation community, Modders and Gamers alike, for your support and for downloading this Mod.


    Here's a great little promo video created by diScOpOlis.

    Please try it out, and let me know of any issues, I will fix them and post updates often.

    Known Conflicts, Please remove:

    "YY_mod_carte_vierge.patch" -- incompatible with both UIM and Cities XL2012, please remove.

    The Installer will override these now, but it's recommended to remove them anyway.

    1. ZZZ_Base_Config.patch
    2. Z_Z_Z_tags_V2012.patch
    3. Z_Z_Z_Pharmist_Base_Config_v1.00.patch
    4. hwolf_parkingpak_v1.patch - Replace with Parking Pack Version 2 or just"hw_parkingpack_2012.patch" if you wish to keep the old carparks too.
    5. zz_hotel_1.1.patch
    6. zzCLM_base_config.patch

    New version uploaded. v1.79.9
    -Added PostalService Layer
    -Added RailLineBridge Style Tags x10

    New version uploaded. v1.79.8
    -Added Style Tags for Radolph Monorail bridges
    -Increase Maximum Maps from 100 to 200

    New version uploaded. v1.79.7
    -Added the Style Tags for Bridge Challenge

    New version uploaded. v1.79.6
    -Actually added the HarborXL buttons this time. [​IMG]

    New version uploaded. v1.79.5
    - HarborXL Pack buttons added.
    -Added the ability to switch road types via the cheat menu.

    New version uploaded. v1.79.3
    - Fixed the NEXL ferry crash finally! [​IMG] thanks Preyfr
    - EXE installer created for windows 8

    New version uploaded. v1.79.2
    - Fixed the conflict with the Platinum "Individual Placement Button" fix.
    - Adjust tracks for the NEXL freight trains.

    New version uploaded. v1.79.1
    - Added the interface script fixes from CitiesXL Platinum
    - Updated Outgame Menu screen for Platinum.
    - Added Bridge tags for Asterian (StylePromBridge1-6 & StyleHXLBridge1-6)

    New version uploaded. v1.79.0
    - New Zone tools added for Las Vegas Mansion pack - Aitortilla01 (Must have the las vegas mansion pack installed also)

    New version uploaded. v1.78.8
    - Added "Australian Roads" Requires the Aus Road patch to be enabled though
    - StyleRural & StyleRural2 tags added - Alex24

    New version uploaded. v1.78.5
    - changed the MSI so it writes the installdir to the registry, the next version will then use this path as default, so running a new installer will default to the previously installed location.

    New version uploaded. v1.78.4
    - More French localization added - thanks PreyFR60
    - UIM version added to "goto website" menu on main screen. - requires MSI version to work properly
    - PackEgypt added - FunkyMonk

    New version uploaded. v1.78.3
    - Upgrade tags added for PJC Tenement Project
    - new ferry icons - thanks Montoto_sk
    - train track added back in for old beta train patch.

    New version uploaded. v1.78.2
    - "Airplane" tag added to upgrade script. - br41ns70rm
    - Extra tags added for Bridge Pack - Uokiok

    New version uploaded. v1.78.1
    - Simtracks adjusted for NEXL bicycle mod
    - additions to train code.
    - code fix for "SetHintOnDisabledCMSizeButton" crash.

    New version uploaded. v1.78.0
    - removed the "companies" panel, I was going to fix it up, but i prob won't now and it just looks horrible.

    New version uploaded. v1.77.9
    - Added a heap more "upgrade" tags, check the list below
    - script fix for adding UIM maps to CXL 2011
    - heap more code added for better managment of carparks (auto taxed on congestion\usage)
    this code is not yet enabled, also it should allow tollbooths to generate an income based on traffic throughput.
    - more code added for ferry and trains (also not yet enabled)
    - maybe some more stuff I've forgotten, it's been a while since the last update.

    New version uploaded. v1.77.8
    - Added "Bench Lamp Trash" furniture upgrade tags

    New version uploaded. v1.77.7
    - Fixed the map issue, where only 1 could be added at once, I tested adding 8 at one time.
    - Slots will now show correctly for custom maps when returning to planet screen.
    - added School_1 layer to security combination for CLM - see Soltan Gris and CLM page for info.
    - various script fixeschanges for ferry system.

    Version 1.76.4
    - complete ICE Validation.

    Version 1.76.3
    - Script fix to support cxl2011. (XLNUIM Flag)

    Version 1.76.2
    - New Button images added - Thanks again User!!
    - simtracks adjustments for Ski Pack Enhancer.
    - Pack tags added to upgrade table and scripts adjusted.
    - additional layer code to support the nexl waterway patch.
    - routes.cfg removed and put in waterway patch.
    - Citylink building selection script adjusted for intercity_sea.
    - "Full Unlock Building" in cheats menu will now remove all construction menu restrictions.. Unlock ALL buildings.
    - Removed Various Bug Fixes, (buildings not connected to city hall). to be included elsewhere in a fix patch.

    Version 1.75.9
    - Upgrade tags UP_1-30 now more versatile.
    - 500 thumbnail option. (not installed by default)
    - Nature Layer Display fixed.
    - Various Bug Fixes, (buildings not connected to city hall). (installed by default)

    Version 1.75.8
    - Added new DemographyCLM layers. CLM, Soltan Gris
    - Adjusted RLEI_1 internal price from 10 to 15. CLM, Soltan Gris

    Version 1.75.7
    - added Highway, allow intersection.
    - added "Fence" furniture tag, EG Farm Fence

    Version 1.75.6
    - Furniture Upgrade table added for new furniture tags. - Discopolis
    - Added HarborXL pack button, submenu still to be done. -- HarborXL, Asterian

    Version 1.75.5
    - Private Firm Building Selection will now list all negative effects. - CLM, Soltan Gris
    - Negative effect, Crime added to the Construction Menu Tooltip. - CLM, Soltan Gris
    - Added toggle option for FastWayBuildingBridge. - RHM, Pity
    - FastWayDeco Button renamed to FastwayDecoration. - RHM, Pity
    - added sampling layers and adjusted simtracks for train animations. - NEXL

    Version 1.75.4

    - Fixed PackResidence zones not appearing in the Construction Panel. (added Europe and Asia)
    - Added button to show/hide building selection upgrades.
    - Adjusted DensityKeyLocTable for T4 building upgrades.
    - Added HighWay Bridge and interchange Class files, for correct menu placement.
    - Included MSNOCOLLISION version of Highway interchanges (optional feature). -- Thanks User!!
    - Added FastWayDeco Button - Pity, RHM

    Version 1.75.3
    - Updated MSI to detect Cities XL 2011\2012 Installation folder.
    - Average Usage for Bus and Tram rounded to 2 decimals.
    - Building Upgrade script fix for, CLM.
    - Changed "Individual Placement" mode to place the actual model rather than a zone placeholder.
    - Added Bulldozer and Terraform to Custom Building Sets.


    Zone Upgrades

    Any building with "T1" tag (excluding packs) out of the following tags will always show "T2" buildings of the same tag.


    Building Upgrades

    Any building with "BuildingUpgrade" tag (including packs) out of the following tags will always show buildings of the same tag. Use tags "UP_1" - "UP_30" to group them.


    Furniture Upgrades

    Any building with "BuildingUpgrade" tag and "Furniture" tag out of the following tags will always show buildings of the same tag. Use tags "UP_1" - "UP_30" to group them.
    Also adding "Furniture" tag will remove most of the information from the selection panel, it will just show name and upgrades.


    List of Included Files.

    Package report found below

    New Menu Button Tags.

    adding NOZAC to your class file tags will stop it appearing in zones, or being placed with a zone placeholder, this way you can still leave eg, "Residence", "T#", etc.
    and it will be in the correct menu, but only accessible when "Individual Placement" is on.

    These are up for discussion (as is the rest of the UIM) and can be changed to any category that will be most used..


    Custom Content Building Set - All usual tags, replace "MS18" with "MSCUSTOM"

    Limitless construction Building Set - All usual tags, replace "MS18" with "MSNOCOLLISION"

    Over Water Placement Building Set - All usual tags, replace "MS18" with "MSOVERWATER"

    I'll do a complete tags list for the new Transport & Decoration panels soon......

    Download Only the Latest Installer File listed below.. version 1.79.9

    Advanced Users can now download the XLN_Altiris_UIM_v1.79.9.zip, this contains the UIM in .Patch format, if you use these, you'll have to sort out conflicts with tags etc yourself.

    Double-click the file to execute the wizard.

    Please be patient as the Installer searches for your default Cities XL Installation Path, it may take a minute or two. You will get a message when it finds it.
    If it's not found, you will need to locate it manually.


    Do Not install to the Paks folder. but to the "Cities XL (2011\2012)" folder.

    For STEAM version on windows 7, the UIM install path will be something like:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\cities xl 2012"

    If Cities XL is located the path will be shown, if it wasn't found, locate it here..


    Wait for the installer to finish, and close the wizard.. it can be "uninstalled" by running the EXE again and choosing "remove", or from 'Programs and Features' in the control panel.

    External Download Links:
    Use either the Installer OR the Patch, NOT BOTH.

    Installer: XLNation_UserInterfaceMod_v1.79.9.zip

    Patch: XLNation_Altiris_UIM_v1.79.9.zip
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    CitiesXL 2011
    CitiesXL 2012
    CitiesXL Platinum

Recent Reviews

    Version: 1.79.9
    This is absolutly great but sindce i have Norton on my computer Norton delete this mod cause ''its not safe enough''
  2. sweden8398
    Version: 1.79.9
    if I install this in CXXL what happens? I can install it safely?
    1. Altiris
      Author's Response
      No, it will crash, the UIM is only for Cities XL 2012-Platinum. For XXL you need the Community Mod.
  3. Hypwr
    Version: 1.79.9
    man plssss do something about this i love this game with mods but when i launch the game it seemed fine i could play the totorals but as soon as i hit the play button it crashed ive spent hours going though the game looking for things that would do it but its this mod thats crashing plss help me
  4. Anonymous
    Version: 1.79.9
    wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Basile
    Version: 1.79.9
    Awesome so great to use.
  6. L-Ane-Archiste
    Version: 1.79.9
    thanks great installation facile et simple pas de bugs pour le moment
  7. Anonymous
    Version: 1.79.9
  8. suhendro
    Version: 1.79.9
    thank you
    works excellent
  9. Mr.X²
    Version: 1.79.9
    actually most essential mod for cxl
    works excellent and enhances possibilities a lot
    thanks (y)
  10. pierro
    Version: 1.79.9
    game crashes immediately