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CJ Yadmuz

Middle East city

  1. Clemech4
    Yadmuz is a muslim city located in the Iraqi desert, the city grew thanks to an oasis which provides water and food for the inhabitants. The city was founded by the Arab Empire in the 9th century and served as a fortress until the Ottoman Empire conquered the town and establish the status of regional capital in the 14th century. At that time, it began to expand beyond the walls of the medieval city, and the 'turkish city' was built. In the 20th century, some modern buildings were created in the city to accommodate a growing population.

    The medieval Arab city

    The Oasis

    The turkish city

    Overview of the whole city

    Unfortunately, my computer crashed during the saving of the city and i can't load it anymore, i tryed everything without success. So, no more new pictures of Yadmuz will be posted :( But, I'm going to restart another Middle East city or maybe a turkish city soon :) And thank you for your comments ;)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Omar Chishti
    Omar Chishti
    Pretty beautiful city :D The only thing is that since Iraq isn't really mountainous and its architecture isn't as beautiful as this is (Iraqi architecture is much different) this looks so beautiful and I would regard this as a Moroccan, Tunisian or simply North African city :D A very beautiful North African city near the Mediterranean with large Ottoman influences :D This is a review of a person who has lived in Middle East. Amazing and I wish I could live in such a beautiful and hospitable city like that :D
  2. Peter912
    Wow such an amazing and original city! I am attemping a similiar one , but nice to see someone to an arabic city :D!
  3. SOUL Productions
    SOUL Productions
    the closest you can get to a middle eastern city with Cities XL, perfect!
  4. Jarod camilleri
    Jarod camilleri
    very original awesome to see someone attempt an arabic city ! bravo!
  5. royb 98
    royb 98
    I haven´t seen many Arabic cities. This one´s both original and well/built with the limited resources you had. I really like how you preserved the medieval skyline. Maybe you could add a highway next to the city with some tank stations. Really cool city so far.
    @cityguru: he said it's located in Iraq, not Turkey. A camping in the middle of a war zone would be more of a drawback, really.
  6. cityguru
    Good city looks indeed Arabic. Very realistic and i give you 4 stars because i'd miss some things. A Camping or Resort: Turkey is in the top ten most visited countries and you will not guess it but they have campings. A city google map: i am really curious how the city looks from the skies. Local airport because it looks eastern turkey to me. there aren't many cities there , the cities that is there: are far away so thats the reason. Highways or ringways , almost every Turkish city have them , most of them are toll. Check toturials to see information , how to build them! More commerce like: gas station , markets (bazaars) , restaurants and shops (like: supermarkets). More leisure and a hospital thats for sure! And don't forget to build oil fields in the desert. There realistic in all arab area's.
  7. IcyHot
    Very nice so far, I especially like the farming around the oasis. I can see this city existing in real life. I gave it 4 stars since for a 5 from me you need a good backstory with the city :)
  8. Radiospeed
    Looks really promising.. the layout is scattered but that's what makes it an old city.. keep up the good work