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CJ Yuen Long/Tin Shui Wai Development Programme 元朗/天水圍發展計劃

Brief words of the two places' development

  1. terence_30
    Game Version:
    • Cities XL Platinum
    View attachment 7263
    Hello everyone! This CJ inspired by my new town experiment to find what planning and design could be put at my future city, I found its merit to continuing as this is a best way to introduce new cityscape and housing development based on the reality of Hong Kong new town and rural development in own creation, to show you how prodigious that high rises community can accommodate large population with equilibrium of built area and countryside.

    This, nevertheless, could not be favoured to everyone as they could more enjoy in cityscape with small houses than high rises everywhere; I thought that everything must have a beginning as my CJ has no instance to study in which members could give me and future CJ author an important opinion. Please spend few minutes to read my journal.
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    The Journal is yet to be completed as my computer could not afford such a big file loading sometimes. I have to thank all modders since they afforded a great assistance to the CJ. Please rate after reading the journal as this is significant for me to hear all your opinion, even a criticism. Thank you. :D

Recent Reviews

  1. Kurtis Edwards
    Kurtis Edwards
    Ivan is one to talk.... he's from Moscow. I think you are on to something here.
    1. terence_30
      Author's Response
      Of course, my aim is very clear. :D
    1. terence_30
      Author's Response
      謝謝支持!你的CJ都讓我眼前一亮,一齊努力! :D
  3. Ivan345
    I'm sorry, I hate Chinese communistic architecture. But generally like it)
    1. terence_30
      Author's Response
      I know that many foreigners did not like such building planning actually. it did based on reality of Hong Kong city style. Thanks very much of your visit and comment. ;-)
  4. wilsonjj
    nice work! 原來這邊有亞洲人呀xD
    1. terence_30
      Author's Response
      Thanks your rating!!

      我覺得亞洲網民在本網不算活躍,我見網內以亞洲城市作藍本的CJ不多,希望創作具香港特色的城鎮供大家欣賞,那是近年沒人涉獵。再次謝謝你的支持和留意。 :D
  5. tommyhsu1998
    好正 looks so vivid, especially tin shui wai, the place i live in 好有共鳴 我搵到我屋企:p u successfully transfer the real hk into cities xl, nice job!!! looking foward to more new zones~
    1. terence_30
      Author's Response
      Merci!難得港人留言 :-P


      其實我住在天耀,正是為何我把她列作第一期發展。謝謝支持和密切留意啊! :-D
  6. kipate
    Looks very promising!
    I like the way you placed the skyscrapers
    and high rises, and it seems you cared a lot
    about realism!
    1. terence_30
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much, I tried my best to make buildings placement similar to real planning of HK new town as you saw in pictures (due to limitation of map space), I think you could like to see more zones accomplished that will show you a tidy community. :D