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Dependency Z_Pharmist_TreeBug_Fix_v1.00 1.00

To correct the frustration of trying to place specific trees on our roads

  1. XL Nation Staff

    This is an experiment that developed from the frustration of trying to place specific trees on our roads. I was always puzzeled why all of the Trees on our roads and building lots seemed to be the same species. The layout files for the roads and building lots contain different tree species then the ones displayed in the game. I have created a fix for this problem which I call "Z_Pharmist_TreeBug_Fix_v1.00".

    This is a new experiment so there are no old patch files to remove.

    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
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Recent Reviews

  1. Drazicdesign
    Version: 1.00
    Increase the variety of trees and plants in the game!
    Add of the realism to the game!

    It is an essential mod, for "Cities XL" and also for "Cities XXL"!
  2. 5/5,
    Version: 1.00
    This solves many issues with trees.
  3. gseid87
    Version: 1.00
    It does solves some issues
  4. davidgerar97
    Version: 1.00
    Really good