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Buildings 135° and 45° Haussman Style houses and offices

Discussion in 'Buildings' started by Ze_Doc, Feb 23, 2015.

  1. Ze_Doc

    Ze_Doc Unskilled Worker

    Feb 8, 2015
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    Hi, everything is in the title, i d like to see more 135° and 45° angled houses and offices for any density.
    Maybe some of you had the luck to vist Paris once, maybe you live there (like me) but if you have been to the "city of lights" you probably noticed 2 majors facts :

    1 the road layout is a total mess !

    2 there s about no 90° angle in the whole city !!!! ^^

    thes two facts concern almost every french city, except for these that have been destroyed during WWII and rebuilt "squarely" .... (which are clearly the ugliest cities ...)

    it would be so nice to create real landmark's scenery using 45° and 135° crossing roads and fill in the city with buildings and not plazas, also there are too few french styled buildings and putting together these two concept would allow us to create varied and realistic towns....

    please .....:boww:

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