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Transportation Costomized Bridges

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by jkjkqqqqqq, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. jkjkqqqqqq

    jkjkqqqqqq Unskilled Worker

    Sep 2, 2014
    Likes Received:
    I came up with an idea about building the bridge base and the road surface separately.

    e.g. we build the Sydney Harbor Bridge construction.The construction is not a road connection but a no collision object.I call this "the bridge base",then we build the road surface on it.
    the road surface can be RHM, road, avenue, street, high way or any other type u can imagine.this would help us build completely costomized bridges.

    to realise this,there are some key points:
    1.the only thing in CXL that is changable in lenth,height,orientation is a bridge or a road,so the bridge base should be bridge essentially,so is the road surface.
    2.we can not place a road/bridge on another directly unless theres a height difference between them
    3.in the bridge base,the essential bridge and the non-collision object should be in different place.this will make the costomized bridge easier to biuld.
    4.the road surface should also be tailor-made for this,which is with out piers under it.

    with this costomized bridge mod,all modders need only to make new bridge bases in the future,and all road surface on them can be costomized by we players.

    costomized bridge.JPG

    Bridge bases



    (the bridge bases above are just for examples and can not be used as i described before)

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