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Liberty City : City Of Dreams

Discussion in 'City Photos' started by raymaster, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. raymaster

    raymaster Executive

    Oct 4, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Hi Guys!!

    I am building Liberty City nicknamed "City Of Dreams" with population over 2 million. The City has a great public transportation,10 bus lines, bus traffic almost all heavily occupied,10 metro lines, metro lines heavily used, many malls, and much more. Road system is reasonable with not so much traffic jams. Airport is large with two runways. A nuclear plant is planned to be built, but will decide sooner...

    Liberty City was founded in 1927 with only pop about 300 people. Over the years, the city grew and was declared a city in 1966. In 2001, the city's pop grew to 1 million and by 2011, almost 2 million people reside in the city.

    So Enjoy these pics and tell me what you think about it....

    Mcdonalds Restaurants and Drive-Thru at Liberty Highway Intersection..
    cxl_screenshot_liberty city_15.jpg
    Liberty Highway Intersection with the Tokyo Tower (only lower half)...sorry... :D
    cxl_screenshot_liberty city_16.jpg

    Downtown Liberty City area with Liberty Hotel as the tallest structure.. Tokyo Tower visible on the right..
    cxl_screenshot_liberty city_17.jpg
    Port View of the RMS Titanic museum ship permanently moored at Harbor Island..
    cxl_screenshot_liberty city_0.jpg
    Further view of the ship with Mansions...
    cxl_screenshot_liberty city_1.jpg
    Harbor Island amusement park with the iconic twin Ferris Wheels and the casinos and hotels..
    cxl_screenshot_liberty city_2.jpg
    View of the city skyline from the west side...quite a fantastic view ain't it?
    cxl_screenshot_liberty city_4.jpg
    same spot at night.. very beautiful isn't it?
    cxl_screenshot_liberty city_5.jpg
    View of Richman's Island with the aircraft carrier museum ship near Highway 401 (the bridge)...
    cxl_screenshot_liberty city_7.jpg
    Port Liberty, where all cargo containers are unloaded.
    Beside the port is a restricted United States Navy naval base...
    cxl_screenshot_liberty city_8.jpg
    Liberty City International Airport with the city skyline in the background (facing west)
    Retired MD-11s are seen at the freight hangars near the second terminals
    Airbus A380s are the largest planes the airport handled..
    cxl_screenshot_liberty city_10.jpg
    East Side of the city, where majority of the city parks are built. In the background is a stadium that is under construction...
    cxl_screenshot_liberty city_11.jpg
    Downtown view (again) at sunrise...
    cxl_screenshot_liberty city_12.jpg
    Liberty City's Chinatown and japanese district..
    cxl_screenshot_liberty city_13.jpg
    A small, civilian and military airport, built in 1962 and went into operation in 1963...
    cxl_screenshot_liberty city_14.jpg
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  2. kipate

    kipate Governor

    Aug 23, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Hey, looks nice so far, a bit too many skyscrapers in my humble opinion,
    but that's just taste; especially, you made some nice harbour!
    Mybe try to get some HD screenshots?
  3. raymaster

    raymaster Executive

    Oct 4, 2014
    Likes Received:
    thanks by the way, but unfortunately, this city crashed when i tried to load it, so it's lost ...
    nonetheless, im working on a similar city using the DUBAI map...
  4. raymaster

    raymaster Executive

    Oct 4, 2014
    Likes Received:
    view of Downtown Golf Course....
    cxl_screenshot_liberty city_18.jpg
    Retired McDonnell Douglas MD-11's being kept storage at LCIA....
    In the background is an Airbus A380 taxiing for takeoff...
    cxl_screenshot_liberty city_19.jpg
    LCIA Golf and Country Club near the airport's terminal B/ Terminal 2... cxl_screenshot_liberty city_21.jpg

    U.S Navy cruisers, destroyers and submarines at the United States Navy LC Naval Base... 4 aircraft carriers once docked here, but were towed to the scrapyard 4km east of the city airport...
    cxl_screenshot_liberty city_20.jpg
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