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Game Play Mod That Allows Drawing...

Discussion in 'Game Play Support and Other' started by Artmaster, Feb 11, 2015.

  1. Artmaster

    Artmaster Executive

    Oct 31, 2014
    Likes Received:
    For a long time now I've been trying to accomplish this in game, such things that can't be done due to limitations on rotation and height. Even though this game is liberal compared to others in this manner...

    Here is my request:

    If there were a tool (mod) that allowed, say, a ped path, to be created at Y axis and only that axis, the path would create a flat plane, if you will, like a pond, lake, flat area, ground level, etc. But let's say we need to create shape to it, then add a tool that after you click on Z or X allows you to change the Y axis.

    The game already allows these functions as they are used with ped paths and even roads. However, there are limitations involved.

    What I'm proposing is a very strict sense of the rule. Making Cities XL a photoshop like game. Where one can go in and creation spaces and fill them with plaza's in order to create new areas previously unimaginable.

    Furthermore, to clarify my request, the idea is that when trying to create a large flat plane, the Y axis DOES NOT move. At current, it is very difficult to create a lake for instance above sea level using ped paths or roads then filling them with a water plaza.

    It would also be absolutely incredible if someone could create a mod that allowed the same water at ocean level to be heightened at other levels when enclosed by a 'road', 'path' or 'other'.

    Besides what I've already said, there are many more applications that could benefit in the game from such a concept. For example: Imagine building a building with-in the game. All the parts are made in 3dsmax and then anyone can take a window, a wall, a door, a rooftop with-in the game. This is possible, however it has to be well thought out and only used for extremely large building applications due to restrictions on handling. At any rate...that shouldn't be as much of a problem as the fact that it can be done and it should be. Just wish I had more time on my hands to make it happen...

    I believe these are not completely original thoughts as others have probably thought the same after playing the game for some time.

    Thanks for reading my musings! :D

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