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Buildings Mods I'd want

Discussion in 'Buildings' started by sadiemydog, Sep 5, 2015.

  1. sadiemydog

    sadiemydog Executive

    Nov 19, 2014
    Likes Received:
    * European Traffic Sign Mod with the texture from Sweden and Germany.
    * European speed limit sign with the color red/yellow and red/white with speed limits from 5 , 10 , 15 , 20 , 25 , 30 , 40 , 45 , 50 , 55 , 60 , 70 , 74 , 75 , 80 , 90 , 99 , 100 , 105 , 110 , 120 , 130 , 140 , 150 , 160 and endless.
    * A (small/big) plobblable car ferry terminal with toll ports , douane and various plobblable boats from small to big fitting to it.
    * Various plobblable cars.
    * Small shets (not slum , I mean shets simulair what most people have in there backyard.) but than with citizens living in it.
    * More pobblable caravan , because campings with just one type of caravan looks kind a wierd.
    *Plobblable camping zone's 10x10 , 20x20 and 40x40.
    * Various commercial buildings we have in Europe , I gonna say them , but there are much to say:
    -Kwikvit (Holland)
    -Hema (France , Belguim , The Netherlands)
    - ALDI (Europe)
    -ICA (Scandinavia)
    -Dollar Shop (Sweden)
    -Willy:s (Sweden)
    -Action (Mainland Europe)
    -Hemköpp (Sweden)
    -Lidl (Europe , Middle East)
    -Albert Hein (The Netherlands)
    -Tesco (Great Britain , Ireland , Czech Republic , Slovakia.)
    -Boots (UK)
    -Sainsburys (UK)
    -Domino's Pizza (Europe)
    -Jysk (Scandinavia , The Netherlands)
    -Quick (Belgium , France , Luxemburg)
    -TinQ (The Netherlands)
    -Luckoil (Belgium , Finland , Russia and Eastern Europe.)
    -Pizza Hut (Europe and the US)
    -Starbucks (USA , UK , The Netherlands , France , Germany)
    -AGIP (France , Iberian Peninsula , Czech Republic , Eastern Europe)
    -Tango (The Netherlands)
    -Preem (Sweden)
    -Statoil (Scandinavia , Russia , Baltics)
    -Bauhaus (Central Europe)
    -Hornbach (The Netherlands , Germany , Central Europe)
    -Biltema (Scandinavia)
    -Prisma (Finland)
    -ARAL (Germany)
    -ABC Restaurant (Finland)
    -Burger King (US , Europe and various other.)
    *Ausfahrt sign in various languages.
    *Various skyscrapers from Rotterdam , The Hague and Dubai.
    *China gates for 15x15 roads.
    *EDIT: US highway signs and German highway signs working together.
    *EDIT: Aitortilla's slum with unskilled and skilled citizens.
    *EDIT: Toll Gates from here-> Civic - Ultimate Military Mod | XLNation - Cities XXL with money from 10.000 , 50.000 , 100.000 and a million.
    *EDIT: All wealth difference buildings for these--> Residential - Skilled workers house | XLNation - Cities XXL Residential - Small house | XLNation - Cities XXL Residential - Eastern/Northern European rural houses pack | XLNation - Cities XXL Residential - Japanese Western Style House Pack | XLNation - Cities XXL Residential - Dutch row houses redone | XLNation - Cities XXL
  2. pauliaxz

    pauliaxz Mayor

    Aug 23, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Adding other wealths to buildings is easy, but it will pile up in menus. Signs are more or less useless, because those are very tiny and usually won't be seen in many screenshots. If it will, ppl wont notice those, I think.

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