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  2. Thanks for the donations everyone. That's another month covered :)
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Old Nyc World Trade Center Twin Towers 1.0

Towers 1 and 2 from the old New York City World Trade Center Complex.

  1. Monty

    Monty Governor

    Aug 20, 2014
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    Monty submitted a new resource:

    Old NYC World Trade Center Twin Towers - Towers 1 and 2 from the old New York City World Trade Center Complex.

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  2. Le Cat

    Le Cat Guest

    I remember when I suggested (that was on the chat, if I remember well and I was suggesting updating microsphera's mod) this mod and Monty, a few days later, sending me the BETA files.
    I was amazed by his work and he agreed that my few ideas were good for his mod.
    In my mind, this mod should have been a landmark. But I wouldn't dare ask for more work from someone else than what he is willing to make. Especially when he already gives us mind blowing mods ! (Yes, I'm like a whining kid: I always want MOOAAAARR ! :LOL: )
    Nevertheless, this is one of my favorites mods. Just because I always thought that the day I would visit NYC, I would have went to the "Top of the World observation deck"...
    Monty likes this.
  3. gseid87

    gseid87 Unskilled Worker

    Sep 14, 2014
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    First of all, great job!
    Second: Are you planning on release the whole WTC complex ?
    I mean, the other buildings of the complex? It was 7 buildings right?

    Just a question, not a demand hehehe

    Ty for the mods
  4. Boseigne42

    Boseigne42 Vagabond

    Aug 29, 2014
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    The buildings does not appear, how is being done to make them appear when they are built???
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