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CXL 2012 Problem with the game

Discussion in 'Game Play Support' started by konradkowalski4, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. konradkowalski4

    konradkowalski4 Skilled Worker

    Dec 21, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Sorry, but my English isn't perfect !

    Hello friends,
    I have a problem with CXL 2012. When I start the game, I can see an 'welcome window' with loading, which disappears after a few seconds, and the game doesn't work. I installed the game with the mods a few days ago, but I know how to install it and I know about special mods, which are needed to 'correct game' (like Shader pack, tags etc.)
    I have a new computer, so it's the fist game in this device and I have a lot of space on my hard drive.

    Please help
    Best wishes

    It's my last log

    [21:43:06] CORE mcFileSystem.cpp ( 123) Error failed to open pack archive <paks\._z_pharmist_treebug_fix_v1.00.patch>
    [21:43:08] CORE mcFile.cpp ( 198) Error can't open file paks\vallamirmodding_mod1_v2_arretdebus.patch
    [21:43:08] CORE mcFileSystem.cpp ( 123) Error failed to open pack archive <paks\vallamirmodding_mod1_v2_arretdebus.patch>
    [21:43:09] CORE mcFile.cpp ( 198) Error can't open file paks\xln_immortal_ogkarlovoy_?xl_v1.1.patch
    [21:43:09] CORE mcFileSystem.cpp ( 123) Error failed to open pack archive <paks\xln_immortal_ogkarlovoy_?xl_v1.1.patch>
    [21:43:11] CORE mcFilePack.cpp ( 515) Assert SerializeFat_(), Invalid uFATSize = 4293606414 (Filename = paks\xln_preyfr60_altirisinc.patch, FileSize = 458752, Offset = 1819634)
    [21:43:11] CORE mcMem.cpp ( 827) Error Available physical memory = 4.385Gb
    [21:43:11] CORE mcMem.cpp ( 828) Error Available addressable virtual memory = 3.786Gb
    [21:43:11] CORE mcMem.cpp ( 829) Error Total physical memory = 7.966Gb
    [21:43:11] CORE mcMem.cpp ( 830) Error Total addressable virtual memory = 3.999Gb
    [21:43:11] MEMORY mcMemAllocator.cpp ( 107) ErrorBuild .\Core\mcStreamBin.cpp(41) : Request for allocation failed. Out of memory (need -1360880)
  2. skullz613

    skullz613 Administrator
    Staff Member

    Aug 21, 2014
    Likes Received:
    I normally run the game for the first time on a new windows install, without any mods or changes. That lets me know the game is OK before I add mods.
    Try moving the PAKS folder where the game can't see it and try running CXL2012. Also try renaming the Cities XL 2012 folder under your profile folder to something else so the game creates a new folder when it starts.

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