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"Raves 'n' Rants" section

Discussion in 'XLN Watering Hole' started by ronrn, Mar 15, 2015.

  1. ronrn

    ronrn Governor

    Oct 31, 2014
    Likes Received:
    quote from the heading of this forum section: "If you cant handle the flames stay out of the fire.":cool:

    With that said, I would like to suggest a "Rant n' Rave" section here in the Nation's forum. Everyone needs a place to holler (that means; to vent one's frustrations or sing out one's praises, for you citified folks). Since there is no other place that seems appropriate, I going to drop mine here in the watering hole. Keep in mind that if you read this, it's because you wanted to. =)

    First of all I would like to applaud all the mod creators here at the Nation for their hard work & notable efforts. Some of them have been doing great work for years, earning great respect, and others are brave enough to take on the challenge for the first time. Though I am proficient at 3d modeling, I will be the first to admit that I don't know a thing about modifying features for computer games.
    Speaking strictly as a gamer, and a novice one at that, my new XXL mod folders are a complete mess! Folders for mods that work, folders for mods that don't, mods that are incomplete, mods that crash, good mods, not so bad mods, bad mods, the list goes on.
    It's getting to where the Cities XXL (2015) resources are an interesting read and not much else. The risk of trying out the latest mod just doesn't seem worth it.
    I really like the new Cities XXL.... I use the new Cities XXL.... a lot! But it seems like I've been deleting city after city because of conflicting mods, or a new mod that updates again the day after its release, and I have already filled a city up with it and the city crashes until I can find the previous version in my backup folders or in my recycle bin...bla...bla...pull out hair...scream...bla....bla...! Once I do manage to get the city to open again, I find the items are too numerous to delete and it's easier to just start over again.
    The steam workshop is just as difficult to manage if not worse, but that's a whole different discussion issue.
    I miss the XL resources forum, a shining example of organization and dependability. Sure, some mods are gonna have bugs, but IMO... "some mods are being released that are just not ready".....there...I said it.
    Hey man, take home that beautiful 2015 Chevy in the driveway. It's got a brand new paint job, ....but....the leather seats are worn, the engine is from 1994 Buick, the transmission is from a Ford, and the tires are only flat on the bottom side. Now, if it breaks down, don't call me "cause I warned ya". But hey, it looks great and will enhance your homes "curb appeal" tremendously and make you the envy of the neighborhood.
    I'm kidding, really I am. But seriously, I'm anxious to see mods that go beyond just "fixed" or "patched up" from a previous version. Just because someone else had the idea first does not mean that idea can't be replicated to meet new standards, while at the same time, meet old standards of dependability. Esp. if that someone has lost interest or isn't even around anymore. Technically, those mods were created for a completely different game.
    Common guys and gals! Let's get a fresh new start! Do what you do best!
    ...pleeeeese...Help us gamers get beyond the new Cities XXL vanilla version and proudly create cities that rise well above the ordinary and repetitious. Thanks for listening.
    "the end"

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