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Weird problem with spoilers

Discussion in 'Website Information and News' started by Inan, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. Inan

    Inan Governor

    Aug 24, 2014
    Likes Received:

    I noticed a problem in my CJ St. Lucas. I tried to edit "stats". Unfortunately there appeared a problem with the spoilers. After editing and saving i always see more than one spoiler, but there should be just one. I deleted the wrongplaced (automatically placed btw) spoiler code,
    (i really deleted it correct, i did it several times) but the website doesn't take the saved changes. No, it creates even more spoilers automatically. You have an idea what to do? Here are screenshots: The system creates weird spoilers automatically and ramdomly. Just somewhere in the text.

  2. skullz613

    skullz613 Administrator
    Staff Member

    Aug 21, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Could be your browser causing it if no one else is having a problem with them.

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