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Dependency Cities XXL Community Patch 2.10

Cities XXL Community Patch, previously known as the UIM.

  1. Additional Tags added

    Additional Tags added as per Update from DrazicDesign

    4/ - data\config\Tag.cfg

    Added following tags,

    5/ - data\design\script\interface\XXLCM_tagmanager.lua
    Added the following tags on line 85
    TagManager.filterTables.Style = {
    "Benchs", "Garden", "HomeFurniture", "MarketStand", "PublicWorks", "Streetlight", "TrafficSigns", "TrashBin",...
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  2. Tram code added

    Added code and UI panels for XXL Trams.
  3. Bike tracks\filter added

    Added the Bicycle Road tracks to SimTracks.cfg and added them to the road filter, for the XXL Version of NEXL Bike Roads.
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  4. Updated to v2.06

    The following added:

    Updates version 2.06:
    \community mod XXL 2.05\data\config\tags.CFG

    <DDstreet/> <!-- Road CXXL by Drazicdesign -->
    <StyleDRAZIC01/> <!-- Eplanade dra1 CXXL by Drazicdesign -->
    <StyleDRAZIC02/> <!-- ..... CXXL by Drazicdesign -->
    <StyleDRAZIC03/> <!-- ..... CXXL by Drazicdesign -->
    <StyleDRAZIC04/> <!-- ..... CXXL by Drazicdesign -->
    <StyleDRAZIC05/> <!-- ..... CXXL by Drazicdesign -->

    <MTYSTYLE01/> <!-- CXXL by Monty -->
    <MTYSTYLE02/> <!-- CXXL by Monty -->...
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  5. Limitless construction building set button added

    - MSNOCOLLISION Button added
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  6. Updated to Support Patch #3

    - Updated to Patch#3 'constructionmenu2.gfx'
    - Trees button is visible in decoration menu.
    - MSCUSTOM button made smaller, msnocollision button added next.
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  7. Fixed Road shader crash

    Updated the road shader, so it no longer crashes on low graphics settings.
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  8. RHM & LasVegas McMansion Support Added.

    - Added the Zone tools for Aitortilla's LasVegas McMansion Pack.
    - Added RHM tags to filter panel, the XXL version of RHM now works, will post after a quick beta test.
    - Added T4 Button to Residence Panel
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  9. More tags\features added

    -Full unlock cheat
    -Added Self-Illumination to the Road shader.
    -Implemented all previous 'BuildingUpgrade' code.
    - More tags added W2WBuildings, etc

    A lot more older mods will work with CXXL with this update, although some will still be unavailable due to missing buttons, they should at least start without crashing.

    I guess someone made a good point about opening previous XL cities in XXL, so this will at least give you a better chance to do that.

    There'll be more NEXL support added soon.
  10. New Version not available on steam.

    Make sure to remove any previous versions first and unsubscribe to the CM on the Steam Workshop.

    - Added support for NEXL PedPaths, XXL Version available soon
    - Changed 'Route Display' on roads to the scroll buttons.
    - Various tags added.
    - Tracks added for RHM, XXL Version available soon.
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