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CJ Anderlecht

Switzerland's economic centre

  1. New pictures, mixed stuff

    Hello fellas :)

    Here are some new random pictures.
    Enjoy !

    Aerial bridge part FOrum.jpg

    Anderlecht main hospital
    Anderlecht hospital forum.jpg
    Grisons district aerial
    Grisons panorama 2.jpg
    Something new in the making :)

    Lt 1-2.jpg ...​
  2. Central business district "Cresta" photoshots

    CBD Cresta is located in West Anderlecht and its place for over 50.000 people working there.

    CBD Cresta night Skyline HQ.2.jpg

    Aerial shot of Cresta. Still under construction.

    CBD Cresta aerial forum.jpg
    Cresta detail.jpg

    Panoramic view from Ruti district
    CBD Panorama 2.1.jpg

    Gemini Towers from Rail Terminal Porta de Cresta
    CBD Cresta Gemini towers.jpg ...​
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  3. New photos vol.1

    Hello :)

    Here are some new photos of Anderlecht

    All pics are focused on East part of the city.
    Enjoy !

    Anderlecht panorama BW.jpg

    Anderlecht panorama 2.1.jpg

    Anderlecht east panorama.1.jpg

    East Anderlecht panorama Forum.3.jpg

    Like, share, comment !
    Next update coming...