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CJ Cuva Cavelio

The Red Pearl

  1. Inan
    Game Version:
    • Cities XL Platinum
    Hello, folks!

    This is Cuva Cavelio. I always wanted to create this kind of city. Aitortilla's latin pack and Ole's unlimited version made it possible. A big Thanks to you both of course and all other modders too. More pics will be added soon.

    For technical reasons there is no discussion-tab. So if you have questions, issues or suggestions, please just send me a PM.

    :):):)Please also check out the updates for more pictures!:):):)

    The City of Cuva Cavelio (origin of the name "Cuva" unknown) was founded about 1550 by Francisco Cavelio (1513 - 1568), a conquistador and later governor at the coast of today's Northern Union Republic (N.U.R.). It's located in the southern part of Pretego Bay coast in the South of N.U.R.

    Francisco Cavelio.jpeg *1
    Francisco Cavelio, about 1544

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    Cuva Cavelio was a important emporium for seafarers and privateers for their voyages in the late 16th century. In the years between 1570 and 1600 the town grew and became a highly frequented place. At the peak of its glory the city was burned down by pirate Admiral Frank Destise in 1612 who captured the silver fleet.

    Log of Destise: "After looting that overweening unprepared town i enjoyed the scene of burning houses and destroyed forts for two more days before continuing my trip to south. My crew is pleased and emptied 5 barrels of rum while singing hymns from home."

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    After destruction the reconstruction of Cuva Cavelio began, but lost importance. The transport routes changed and the citizens became impoverished. In 1641 illnesses and diseases almost killed the whole population.
    The recovery in late 17th century and the new colonization brought back wealth to the city. It has been avoided from further lootings by protection of the spanish crown with its infamous coastguards, especially the city's location at the entrance of the bay was very valuable. Pirates and privateers were forced to take longer routes to enter the bay while merchants were able to go to Cuva Cavelio without danger.
    After completion of Pretego Canal (CJ - Canal City) in 1884 the final rise of the city started and grew to its todays size, especially along the coast. Since independence 1873 the city belongs to the Northern Union Republic.

    Northern Union Republic
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    Red Pearl
    Sin City
    The Sunset Town

    Mayor: Carlos de la Hoya
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    Some facts:
    The crime rate was the highest in the country, the Mafia clans of the Gastonelli (A far relative from that family became mayor in CJ - Desert Town) and the Ancertino families ruled over the city for about 30 years. The city council of Cuva Cavelio was able to avoid criminality gradually and banished the mafiaclans. However some institutions of the past remained (brothels and casinos). The economical and social rise of the city began and today Cuva Cavelio is THE summer tourist destination par excellence. Thanks to some industrial regulations and drastic tax cuts also bigger companies chose the city to become their new headquarter.

    Many houses are vacant during winter because of the specialization in summertourism. Workers of the tourism industry come from abroad or the structurally weaker areas to find jobs over the summer in hotels, casinos or gastronomy, the same situation as in CJ - Porto Nuevo. The population of the city in January is about slightly more than one-third less than in August.

    Stats 2012:
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    Special Pics edited by Ole and kipate (recommended)
    Thank you very much, guys! :)
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    I've made some new overview pictures and replaced the other with this new, dense hill. Just go to the spoilers.

    Pics Part 1:
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    Pics Part 2:
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    *1 (C) wikipedia, Pedro de Alvarado
    *2 (C) mutualart.com, picture of Antwerp

Recent Reviews

  1. Luna
    The street network is very impressive and special. I like the green areas and decorations :-)
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the nice rating! I like that city too, although it was one of my first cities released. IT was fun building with the unlimited latin pack that way.
  2. kipate
    Great journal!
    I do love thst hill with the church on top, looks magnificent. Also, I like that approach of yours to create density within the city! Top level journal!
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      I don't know how you was able to change your review after my reply, but thank you nevertheless for the five stars. I appreciate that.
  3. Wibi
    That level of detail *-*
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much :-)
  4. SaintDamien
    Great and amazing city, I don't even want to know how many hours it has cost you.

    But what I do like to know is, what mods have you used?

    Hope you will make more cities! Keep it up.
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
  5. ryankoo
    Excellent! Many thing to learn, but the urban and the rural need to have a clear transition.
    I'm very interested in reading the additional information of the city, it make me feel like it a live city :)
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
      The city border is intentionally that abrupt. There are no suburbs actually. Thanks for reviewing :-)
  6. Kitsunebi
    Very nice place! If possible, I would love to see some more street view pics!? :)

    Oh and the small villages are great!
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Dankeschön, Kits! ;-)
      I'll post some streetview pictures later on, i just have to find out nice perspectives :-)
  7. Anonymous
    Good, but a little bit monotonous
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      I never should have made this update -_- LOL
  8. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    Ehh... 4/5 Oh, right. This has to be "fifteen characters."
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Thank you :-)
      You could have made mor .... behind the Ehh ;-) :-)
  9. JackDuck
    I like your latin city, but I would like to see a better urban-rural transition ;)
    1. Inan
  10. Tomas13TO
    perfect work with latino pack. very nice
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Thank you! And thank to aitortilla01 and Ole too :-)