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CJ Cuva Cavelio

The Red Pearl

  1. Inan
    Game Version:
    • Cities XL Platinum
    Hello, folks!

    This is Cuva Cavelio. I always wanted to create this kind of city. Aitortilla's latin pack and Ole's unlimited version made it possible. A big Thanks to you both of course and all other modders too. More pics will be added soon.

    For technical reasons there is no discussion-tab. So if you have questions, issues or suggestions, please just send me a PM.

    :):):)Please also check out the updates for more pictures!:):):)

    The City of Cuva Cavelio (origin of the name "Cuva" unknown) was founded about 1550 by Francisco Cavelio (1513 - 1568), a conquistador and later governor at the coast of today's Northern Union Republic (N.U.R.). It's located in the southern part of Pretego Bay coast in the South of N.U.R.

    Francisco Cavelio.jpeg *1
    Francisco Cavelio, about 1544

    The ship of Francisco Cavelio, "La venganza del Este" (Artist's impression)
    cxl_cuva cavelio_ShipCavelio.jpg

    Cuva Cavelio was a important emporium for seafarers and privateers for their voyages in the late 16th century. In the years between 1570 and 1600 the town grew and became a highly frequented place. At the peak of its glory the city was burned down by pirate Admiral Frank Destise in 1612 who captured the silver fleet.

    Log of Destise: "After looting that overweening unprepared town i enjoyed the scene of burning houses and destroyed forts for two more days before continuing my trip to south. My crew is pleased and emptied 5 barrels of rum while singing hymns from home."

    burning city 1612.Jpeg *2
    Burning Cuva Cavelio, 1612 (todays collina de santa vittoria)

    After destruction the reconstruction of Cuva Cavelio began, but lost importance. The transport routes changed and the citizens became impoverished. In 1641 illnesses and diseases almost killed the whole population.
    The recovery in late 17th century and the new colonization brought back wealth to the city. It has been avoided from further lootings by protection of the spanish crown with its infamous coastguards, especially the city's location at the entrance of the bay was very valuable. Pirates and privateers were forced to take longer routes to enter the bay while merchants were able to go to Cuva Cavelio without danger.
    After completion of Pretego Canal in 1852 the final rise of the city started and grew to its todays size, especially along the coast. Since independence 1873 the city belongs to the Northern Union Republic.

    Northern Union Republic

    Northern Union Republic (N.U.R.)

    Language: English, recognized minority languagues (french, dutch, spanish)
    Capital: South Point
    Polity: Parliamentary Federal Republic
    Government System: Parliamentary Democracy
    Prime Minister: Cristin HIGGINS-COYNER
    Founded: 1. january 1873
    National Holiday: 6. april
    License: UR
    Internet-TLD: .ur
    Phone Code: +889

    Area: 947.587,81 km²
    Population: 127.759.287
    Population Density: 135/km²
    GDP: 7.140 Trillion $
    GDP per capita: 55.888 $
    GDP by sector: 2,6% agriculture/ 24,3% industry/ 73,1% services
    Poverty: 9,1%
    Unemployment: 5,3%
    Public Debt: 68,1% of GDP
    Credit Rating: AAA
    Main Industries:
    petroleum, oil, telecommunications, food processing,
    consumer goods, hightech, electronics, chemicals, banking,
    insurance, industrial supplies, machines and components, tourism
    Capital: Stoneburgh
    Prime Minister (state): Teresa Boyle
    Area: (19,7% of NUR total area) 186.454,45 km²
    Population: (27,2% of NUR total population) 34.723.966
    Population Density: (138,1% comp. to NUR average) 186/km²
    GDP: (27,5% of NUR total GDP) 1.966 Trillion $
    GDP per capita: (101% comp. to NUR average) 56.605 $

    Info: Pretego is the largest and most populated state in NUR, located at the eastcoast with its only border on land, the river Pretego. It delivers more than a quarter of the countrys' economic performance. Statistically the states population has the highest amount of income and also the biggest number of billionaires of the NUR. It is very densely populated in the metropolitan areas of Bay City and New Hastings in the south.

    Mostly the states' area is flat and fertile due to river Pretego. Also Pretego state has been industrialized first of all and offers the most jobs in industry and service sector.

    North Territory
    Capital: Port Hanson
    Prime Minister (state): Veronica DeMaas
    Area: (12,9%) 122.679,44 km²
    Population: (8,2%) 10.479.537
    Population Density: (63,4%) 85/km²
    GDP: (7,5%) 536 Billion $
    GDP per capita: (91,5%) 51.114 $

    Info: The state has the coldest temperatures in average. Close to Ilitts is the most powerful Hydrogen Power Plant (Ilitts-Dulcre HPP), located at river Dulcre. Nevertheless the North Territory has a very high quality regarding environment. More than 50% of the states area is wooded, wooden products of the NUR comes from here mainly. Life is concentrated in Port Hanson and its metropolitan area and also on the beautiful Scascardale Peninsula in the west.

    Capital: Osato
    Prime Minister (state): Michael Friedberg
    Area: (11,9%) 112.330,76 km²
    Population: (8,9%) 11.325.063
    Population Density: (74,8%) 101/km²
    GDP: (8,4%) 597 Billion $
    GDP per capita: (94,3%) 52.678 $

    Info: As in Iscer, everything is concentrated in the only large city of the state. The capital city Osato and the metro area in the east and north are responsible for the economical achievement of the state, but also the south - despite the Varocama desert - is not idle. Petroleum, oil, coal and iron ore come from here mostly and that's contributing a considerable amount to the GDP.

    Capital: Ogdenville
    Prime Minister (state): Stephen O'Hara
    Area: (10,3%) 97.537,64 km²
    Population: (6,8%) 8.647.935
    Population Density: (65,8%) 89/km²
    GDP: (6,4%) 459 Billion $
    GDP per capita: (94,9%) 53.040 $

    Info: Iscer is named after the beautiful river that crosses the state until it empties into river Pretego. The population of the state lives mostly in San Catalina (735,000) and its metroarea (6 million). San Catalina is by far the biggest city in the north of the country NUR. Logically the economy of Iscer is performed mostly in that area too. Mostly consumer goods, industrial supplies and machines are produced here. In the west one can find some nice ski resorts (e.g. Whitefir) and hiking trails.

    Capital: Coldwater
    Prime Minister (state): Bradley Heart
    Area: (10,0%) 94.870,01 km²
    Population: (4,7%) 6.062.432
    Population Density: (47,4%) 64/km²
    GDP: (5,3%) 376 Billion $
    GDP per capita: (110,9%) 61.954 $

    Info: Vasconia is likely the most beautiful state with its picturesquely nice landscape (Heltrijkspas and Basmacota Mountains in the east, vasconian peninsula and the Leijnenzee coast) and its very attractive cities, what count to the cities with the best quality of life worldwide. Also it's the wealthiest state of the country due to many regulations in economic sector. Also lots of innovative inventions of hightech products, electronics and telecommunications come from here. European settlers shaped the state in former timeperiods and do so until today. This fact is shown in Amanpour (french), De Cleerk (dutch) or Coldwater (british).

    New Humbria
    Capital: Brackton
    Prime Minister (state): Francine Charles
    Area: (8,3%) 78.509,54 km²
    Population: (18,5%) 23.588.857
    Population Density: (222,8%) 300/km²
    GDP: (19,4%) 1.385 Trillion $
    GDP per capita: (105,0%) 58.700 $

    Info: The state is characterized by the conurbation of "Osco belt" (Metropolitan areas from OS-ato over Bay City and New Hastings to Fort CO-hen), more than 18 million people are living in the south of New Humbria, between rivers Pretego and Nautil. It is the 2nd most populated state and also the 2nd wealthiest (exept for CDFA). The centrally located state has a thriving economy, but also economic differences from stronger south to the weaker north.

    Cyta Goa
    Capital: St. Lucas
    Prime Minister (state): Thomas McRiley
    Area: (7,5%) 71.510,64 km²
    Population: (18,1%) 23.138.897
    Population Density: (240,0%) 324/km²
    GDP: (18,7%) 1.335 Trillion $
    GDP per capita: (103,2%) 57.683 $

    Info: Cyta Goa, named after the river, is the state with the highest Population Density of the N.U.R. (exept for CDFA). The states' south has about 16 million inhabitants because it's a part of the socalled "Osco belt". The Osco belt containes the metropolitan areas from OS-ato over Bay City and New Hastings to Fort CO-hen and has a population of about 53 million inhabitants). Above all the state is well known as hub for education and intellect, especially the capital St. Lucas. Beside the dense populated areas nevertheless Cyta Goa has a varied landscape. There are plains in the south, grassy, fertile areas around river Cyta Goa, lots of nice, little lakes and forests and the Basmacota Mountains in the north.

    Capital: Santa Marta
    Prime Minister (state): Carlos James
    Area: (7,5%) 71.431,19 km²
    Population: (1,4%) 1.792.192
    Population Density: (18,6%) 25/km²
    GDP: (1,0%) 71 Billion $
    GDP per capita: (71,0%) 39.667 $

    Info: Azul is the southernmost state with a vast tourist use. Wine-producing regions and wineyards dominate the landscape. The most likely best and most delicious wines come from Azul. There are no larger towns, the biggest is Cuva Cavelio. Monty Island :)-)) is always worth a visit! The northern part is desert area, the capital Santa Marta (population 65,000) and the famous border town El Pablo (population 130,000) are located here. Azuls' economy is prospering, but the state is barely industrialized, the economic performance is clearly below N.U.R.s' level. Also some larger military bases are located here.

    Capital: Fort Cohen
    Prime Minister (state): Anthony Gutsmann-Baker
    Area: (6,7%) 63.191,57 km²
    Population: (5,3%) 6.822.392
    Population Density: (80,1%) 108/km²
    GDP: (5,1%) 367 Billion $
    GDP per capita: (96,2%) 53.741 $

    Info: Orming offers lots of tourism for winter and summer as well. Silver Peak is a worldwide well known and famous ski resort, the volcano island Meta Nova is visited during all year. But be careful, the volcano is active ;-). Fort Cohen is the largest city of the state with about 550,000 inhabitants and has a metropolitan area with a population of about 3,5 million people. The states' capital is a very beautiful port city with almost intact forts from the colonial era. Also don't miss the spectacular cliffs at the border to Vasconia. Beside that Orming is the pharmazeutical center and one of the most important producers of medicine and medical products and components of the country.

    South Territory
    Capital: Seranno
    Prime Minister (state): Frank Parker
    Area: (5,1%) 48.261,22 km²
    Population: (0,7%) 902.348
    Population Density: (13,9%) 19/km²
    GDP: (0,5%) 37 Billion $
    GDP per capita: (73,9%) 41.321 $

    Info: The South Territory was the last state joining the Northern Union Republic (1921). Due to this fact and the small population industrialization started late, the GDP per capita is far lower than the countrys average. It has the fewest population and is also the smallest state (exept CDFA). Some nice places are Lake Seranno and the cities Seranno and Alto Beach, what is considered as a deluxe resort. Beside that the South Territory is mostly used for fertile areas along river Milias.

    Central District of
    Federal Administration (CDFA)

    Capital: -
    Prime Minister (state): -
    Area: (0,1%) 1.011,00 km²
    Population: (0,5%) 689.154
    Population Density: (505,6%) 682/km²
    GDP: (0,5%) 35 Billion $
    GDP per capita: (91,4%) 51.099 $

    The CDFA has a special status and is actually not a state. For more info please visit the CJ of South Point.

    Red Pearl
    Sin City
    The Sunset Town

    Mayor: Carlos de la Hoya
    cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_Mayor.jpg

    Some facts:
    The crime rate was the highest in the country, the Mafia clans of the Gastonelli and the Ancertino families ruled over the city for about 30 years. The city council of Cuva Cavelio was able to avoid criminality gradually and banished the mafiaclans. However some institutions of the past remained (brothels and casinos). The economical and social rise of the city began and today Cuva Cavelio is THE summer tourist destination par excellence. Thanks to some industrial regulations and drastic tax cuts also bigger companies chose the city to become their new headquarter.

    Many houses are vacant during winter because of the specialization in summertourism. Workers of the tourism industry come from abroad or the structurally weaker areas to find jobs over the summer in hotels, casinos or gastronomy. The population of the city in January is about slightly more than one-third less than in August.

    Cuva Cavelio
    FLAG Cuva Cavelio.jpg

    District Moreto

    Country: Northern Union Republic
    State: Azul

    Mayor: Carlos de la Hoya (LP)
    Vice Mayor: Lucy Silva (LP)

    Total: 511,7 km²
    Metro Region: 958,0 km²
    Water: 298.8 km²

    Total: 482,100
    Density: 2,264.4/km²
    Cuva Cavelio Hinterland: ca. 755,000
    Ethnicity: 45.6 % N.U.R., 54,4 % Other

    Economy (without Cuva Cavelio Hinterland):
    GDP: $ 20,4 billion
    GDP per capita: $ 42,354
    GDP per sector: agricult. 5,6%, industry 20 %, services 74,4%
    Poverty: 11,6%
    Unemployment: 10,1 %
    Crime rate: 8.8 %
    Main Industries: tourism, cargo transportation, machinery

    Vehicle Registration: CCA
    Elevation: 0m - 499m
    WWW: www.cuva-cavelio.ur
    ZIP-code: 900xx-919xx

    Special Pics edited by Ole and kipate (recommended)
    Thank you very much, guys! :)




    I've made some new overview pictures and replaced the other with this new, dense hill. Just go to the spoilers.

    Pics Part 1:
    cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_OV_01.jpg cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_OV_02.jpg cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_OV_03.jpg cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_OV_04.jpg cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_OV_05.jpg cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_OV_06.jpg cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_OV_07.jpg cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_OV_08.jpg cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_OV_09.jpg

    cxl_cuva cavelio_4.jpg

    cxl_cuva cavelio_8.jpg

    cxl_cuva cavelio_12.jpg
    cxl_cuva cavelio_13.jpg
    cxl_cuva cavelio_6.jpg

    Pics Part 2:
    cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_Rural_2.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_Rural_3.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_Rural_4.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_Rural_5.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_Rural_6.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_Rural_7.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_Rural_8.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_Rural_9.jpg
    cxl_cuva cavelio_UP1_01.jpg cxl_cuva cavelio_UP1_02.jpg cxl_cuva cavelio_UP1_03.jpg cxl_cuva cavelio_UP1_04.jpg cxl_cuva cavelio_UP1_05.jpg cxl_cuva cavelio_UP1_06.jpg cxl_cuva cavelio_UP1_07.jpg cxl_cuva cavelio_UP1_08.jpg cxl_cuva cavelio_UP1_09.jpg cxl_cuva cavelio_UP1_10.jpg cxl_cuva cavelio_UP1_11.jpg cxl_cuva cavelio_UP1_12.jpg cxl_cuva cavelio_UP1_13.jpg cxl_cuva cavelio_UP1_14.jpg cxl_cuva cavelio_UP1_15.jpg cxl_cuva cavelio_UP1_16.jpg cxl_cuva cavelio_UP1_17.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_Rural_11.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_Rural_12.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_Rural_13.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_Rural_14.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_Rural_15.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_Rural_16.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_Rural_17.jpg

    cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_Rural_19.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_Rural_20.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_Rural_21.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_Rural_22.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_Rural_24.jpg

    cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_Rural_23.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_Rural_25.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_Rural_26.jpg

    cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_Rural_29.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_Rural_30.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_Rural_31.jpg
    cxl_screenshot_cuva cavelio_Rural_32.jpg
    *1 (C) wikipedia, Pedro de Alvarado
    *2 (C) mutualart.com, picture of Antwerp

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