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CJ Desert Town

The Gambling City

  1. Inan
    Game Version:
    • Cities XL Platinum
    The Varocama Desert is located southern of the Osco Belt, the most populated area of the NUR. The desert is partly located in the N.U.R. and an own district of Coastland ("Varocama"). It has a total size of about 270,000 km² and reaches into the south to El Pablo and close to CJ - Cuva Cavelio into the east. Furthermore it extends abroad into southern direction.

    The capital of the district, biggest city and metropolis of the Varocama desert is Desert Town. It also is the touristic hub of the state, a famous gambling city, the city of joy and sadness, the city of luck and ruin, the city of the rich and the poor. Desert Town is about 396 km away from CJ - Osato at the east coast. Main sources of income are tourism, oil processing and petroleum.

    Some cities of the N.U.R.
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    The population in the desert is low, the desert is rocky and inhospitable. Here are some impressions. More descriptions following asap.
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    Desert Town. It is famous for gambling, for the Casinos and Resorts in the Center of the city, the Queenspalm Drive. But first, some other impressions.
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    The gambling district, especially the Queenspalm Drive, is full of sparkling Casinos and Resorts. The center of the town, overfilled with tourists from home and abroad.
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    See the Maglev-updates!

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  1. Maglev

Recent Reviews

  1. Ricardo Silva de Aquino
    Ricardo Silva de Aquino
    Você é incrivel...
    Cidade maravilhosa
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the nice comment!
  2. Kitsunebi
    Most parts of this city are simply awesome! The Drive is very creative... of course, that funny rail station looks a bit weird :D but all the other parts in the city let me forget this little flaw.

    The racecourse is perfect and really well done! I also like the highway station and all the rail tracks throughout this CJ.

    Great work :)
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Thank you kits! Glad you like it!
  3. Anonymous
    I like Las Vegas
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Me too :-D
  4. Project_Oz
    I'm giving you a star just for posting too many city journals. I was not able to study your Ohpo city and you have already posted another city.
    If in Ohpo you have some very interesting places in Desert Town you left me speechless.
    I don't even know what to praise, everything is interesting.
    And until this city I thought that on the desert maps you can't build anything that will look beautiful with the buildings that are in the game.
    You are the best city builder, you deserve 10 stars.
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for the motivating and encouraging review, they are rare lately, as we all know. Yes, i found some freetime i wanted to efficiently use to create Ohpo and Desert Town. I really like concept cities like Desert Town, i like things we haven't seen yet that often. Not that easy after all those years. Unfortunately we have not enough mods to create winter cities, poverty, norwegian houses etc. so i appreciate that you acknowledge my Las Vegas Theme. Especially thanks for your last sentence <3
      I really miss your CJ so much, it was a development over years, what i have seen in the forums. There are so much things like a dam, a marshalling yard, the conveyor system and the overall high quality of the transition area and the size of the city. Maybe it is still to come?

      Thanks for taking time to look at Ohpo and Desert Town! Greetings and C U
  5. solo
    Outstanding, always a pleaser to browse through another of your cities Inan, thanks for sharing, hope you are well.
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Hi there. Thank you! Surprisingly i found a few weeks of freetime to finally create the island town Ohpo, then due to a lockdown here and holidays some more to create Desert Town. It was fun building again. I try to make a poorer city next, but freetime is running out... nice to see you around.
  6. ShadowXZ
    Amazing work

    One of the Best Cities i ever saw so far
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Always a honorable pleasure to hear "best city". Thank you!
  7. nicknick
    This is an amazing work. Original.
    The race track is perfectly conceived, designed and materialised and one of the most impressive things we have seen here, yrs now.
    I also loved the Breaking Bad reference, so so cool, talking about the empty space, empty space, more empty space and then. . .
    Really cool and. . . i can't praise enough really for the level of the work. Kudos!
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Thank you! Indeed Breaking Bad was the model of the idea with that caravan :-) Actually i also like the empty desert pictures...deserts are fascinating to me, but i did not know for a long time how to build a city there. Thanks for the nice review and the nice words also for the circuit! Nice to see you still here :-)
  8. Drazicdesign
    Wow it's pretty impressive here!
    This is the first time that a city working on the theme "gambling city" has caught my attention so much!
    Like your last city, this one is full of ingenious ideas!
    There is so much infrastructure, so many details, that we are amazed!

    Thank you for your Christmas present!
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Thank you! Didn't know there are more gambling cities on the CJ-section :-D At least i haven't seen yet such concept-cities here on XLN. Thanks for your amazing mods that make that game enjoyable! Merry Christmas to you!
  9. kipate
    To me, it's one of the most creative cities that has ever been presented to the community! Cudos!
    First of all, the F1 circuit is amazing, I love that you cared so intensely about all the decorative stuff, all the logistics involved, and that you even placed a go-kart course next to it!
    Second, the oil estate really adds a industrial touch to the city as whole. Together with the remnants of the marshalling yard, it shows that the city has had a history, and that it had not always been dependent on the tourism sector.
    But of course, the Queenspalm Drive with is the highlight of this city! I love the design, especially of the custom-made structures like the Resort Vegas and the Resort Eropganis! Great ideas well realized! And of course, the ferris wheel over the highway is one of my personal favourites, as I am a fan of complex infrastructure :)

    The only things that bug me a bit are the train station (as mentioned already), and the overly complicated highway exit at the rest area :D Also, your numbers don't match. 270,000 square kilometres compared to a whole area of around 900,000 sqkm?

    Keep it up, and I would love to see more high-resolution shots and night shots!
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Thank you as always for the detailed review. And thank you for the acknowledgement and recognizing Desert Town as creative as it is :-D. I had the same feeling during the creation that i haven't seen such cities before. I was about to give up, because it looked so boring and didn't know what to do beside the gambling street, but with time it looked better and better and the ideas for other areas came up :-). Thanks also for praising the circuit.

      About the size of the desert...well, in my imagination the size of 270,000 km² is an overall size of the desert, not just the size within the country. The desert extends abroad (southward). El Pablo for example is a Bordertown in the desert too. But i think i did not make that size-thing clear in the information i gave.
      The reststation and the highway exit/entrance there have actually a real model. But i agree that the size and lenght of the ramps turned out too big.
      Btw: its Hotel Eropagnis (Singapore backwards - where the building is located in reality ;-P). It is a hotel chain, i built it in Coldwater too. That are that little details and informations that connect my cities. There are more of that infos in this CJ. Thanks you and merry Christmas!
  10. XOUSTE
    remarkable just remarkable
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much :-) Merry Christmas to you!