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CJ Dago

City In The Mountains

  1. Inan
    Game Version:
    • Cities XL Platinum
    At the Nautil River, in a valley between the Twilson Summit and the Goldmine Highlands at the foot of the Basmacota Mountains, lies the metropolis of Dago, a former mining town in which mainly phosphate was mined. Since the early 20th century, however, mining has ceased to play a role. Nonetheless, there is still a big mining company established (New Humbria Mining company, Ltd.).

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    But basically the city has specialized in other industries.

    In addition, increasing economic growth is expected for Dago since the city was connected to the high-speed network of the staten magnetic levitation trainlines in 2019 and thus has a fast, uncomplicated connection to the other parts of the country despite its exposed location.

    Some cities of the N.U.R.
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    First, here are some places in the area close to the city.
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    The New Humbria Mining Company operates two bigger mining projects in the city. Nonetheless mining is a dying industry in the city. This company also operates the raw material factory in CJ - Ohpo
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    The City of Dago
    cxl_screenshot_agua save_Description.jpg
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    Information about the Magnetic Levitation (=Maglev) Line:
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Recent Reviews

  1. Kitsunebi
    This is probably your most realistic city. When I first scrolled through the pictures, I thought those were googlemaps screenshots :D I love the looks of this city... it's not too flashy but still has lots of details.

    The most striking one for me is that dam. This alone would be 5 stars!

    Like most others I wish you all the best for your new family. But I also hope you'll be back from time to time :)
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Thank you kits!
    Always love your Cjs, just don't forget to come back here when you have time!
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Thank you a lot for all your nice reviews and comments, it is always motivating to read them. It would be nice to still see you here on XLN, at least from time to time. I always enjoyed your medias and CJ a lot. A pity that your awesome maps don't work in CXL Platinum, i would have loved them to use for my cities, especially the mountain maps are absolutely fantastic!

      See you and all the best to you!
  3. kipate
    Wow, this is impressive! I really love the level of creativity you show within Dago and it's surrounding area! The mining hole (I guess it's the tower of the nuclear power plant in no-collision mode?), the park in the centre of the city, the ski resort, and of course the powerful Maglev running right along the interstate highway :)

    I have to say though that the Maglev line bugs me a bit, as it's running close to the drill hole, meaning that the line is quite exposed towards micro-earthquakes caused by drilling. Also, I can imagine future Maglev lines to be even faster, but the world record right now is at 600 km/h. And the forecasted average speed for the Japanese line lies in the 400-500 km/h range. So your numbers are excessively high :p

    But that's nothing compared to the gloriousity you demonstrate within Dago. I really love the idea of the city being centered around the two hills. It matches with Dago's history as a mining town (nice idea with the old screenshots by the way).

    I further think that you did an outstanding job by putting the highway right through the city, and by placing the Maglev line right next to it. I mean, the city's resources have been part of its hills, so everything else (streets, buildings, and other infrastructure) had to be put into the narrow valleys.

    I also quite like your train station, although I would have wished for some more connections to the other buildings. I mean, it's a hub there, you have a bus station next to it, you have the local busses. So some more connections (skyway etc.) would make it look more like a real hub :) Also, some large parking lots are missing in my opinion (e.g. the airport parking garage).

    What I really adore are your natural and garden-like structures, as well as the civic structures therein. For example the park itself, but also the golf course in there. And the ski resort within the snowy mountain. Or of course the dam within that beautifully designed gorge!

    I wish you all the best in the near future, and I'm still hopeful to see some more towns by you (you never know)! And I would love to see the Maglev station in the other cities :)
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      First of all: Thank you again for your in-depth analysis, what is interesting to read and understand how the city is perceived by others.

      Yes, the deep drilling hole is indeed the cooling tower of the nuclear power plant (I also used it in Ohpo for the update lately). It gives a good shadow effect from light to the dark part of the hole, at least better than with a plaza, where this effect is not good enough.

      About the Maglev: I know the numbers you mentioned. But i wanted to make my fictional country technically appear a bit more advanced, a bit more like a "better world". Also i skipped disturbing influences on the Maglev, but it is true what you said regarding drill hole. I planned to build a fusion power plant too, but there is none (no commercially used at least) on this planet yet, so i had no idea how it should look like...

      It was fun building the waterfalls (Thanks to Project_Oz for the idea!), the dam and the structures on the mountains, i am pleased that you like it.

      Actually i like the trainstation, i had the idea with the Gateway Arches longer, but wasn't sure if it looks good. But you are right with the missing skyways, in my imagination the connections between the trainstations and the bus station is done underground, and/or inside the Maglev station.

      Thanks for reviewing all my cities, and not only mine, almost every CJ here on XLN! You are the most sagacious player/member here for sure, you did an outstanding job for this community. I heeded all your hints and opinions, even we had some discussions :-P
      I take a bow!

      Yes, let's see if i can do the Maglev stations as a new project at least, it should not take so much time as a CJ. And, as you mentioned, you never know... I really love to test and try new things, so maybe some time i have time for a new concept/theme city ( i have about 10 in my mind), but i doubt it...

      So keep us entertained and all the best to you, kip!
  4. Project_Oz
    First of all, congratulations on becoming a father. I wish you all the best in the world for you and your family and i understand that you will have no more time for the game but I hope you will find some time to build more. It doesn't have to be as big as a CJ. Just post a new idea.

    If you won't be able to play again, I thank you for your contribution here. Your cities have had a huge impact on the way I build.

    As for Dago, unfortunately I can't give you 6 stars, so I'll only give you 5.
    I really liked how you made the waterfalls. I tried something similar, but you made a masterpiece. I also like how you built the mine. She is not perfect but I understand you. I've been struggling for some time to build a surface mine and an industrial area, but unfortunately I haven't found the necessary mods. The city itself is typical you, but I like it very much. I always admired the way you built the road network and the way you made the transition at the edge of the city. The port/moorings turned out again very well. About the custom buildings, there are too many to describe them all, but I only have words of praise.
    The only thing I don't like are the bridges that enter the city. I also noticed in the other cities and I think I wrote to you in one. It gives me the feeling that there are some threads hanging from the city or you choose to build on the longest surface of water and I think it should be on the shortest road.

    I forget the dam. I'm glad to see other building a dam, but in my opinion you built the middle part too big and the power line is not a very good choice. But otherwise I like it.
    1. Inan
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Yes maybe i can do some little updates of my cities from time to time or post some images.

      I enjoyed the pictures you showed us, you are a master of terraforming and detailling natural areas, what is magnificent and very hard to do. I was thinking of an volcano too, but didn't know how to do it. You gave a great inspiration, also your waterfalls are looking very realistic for what the game can provide. Well done!

      To your review: I wasn't sure about the waterfalls, because the fall itself looked more like a concrete wall. But when you like it, i am really satisfied. Regarding the mine, i agree with you. There are actually no suitable mods for it, but because it is my last city, i really wanted to try it and i haven't seen it yet anywhere here on XLN.
      Especially the deep drilling with the shadow effects of the hole from light to dark in combination of giving it a rather realistic look wasn't that easy.
      Maybe you can show your attempt :-)

      For the city i wanted to use a different style that i haven't used before, so i choose mostly (larger scaled) low-rised flat-roof-buildings. I like the city scale actually, it fits good to the mountainous landscape.

      In general i have to say that i planned a mountain city for a longer time, knowing that it can get hard regarding the gradients and the edge of the city. To me it is much easier to build coastal cities, because we have much more mods for it (harbours, piers, esplanades etc.).

      About the bridges: There is not only the river/water to cross, there is actually a wide gorge when you consider the cliffy riverbanks. So i had to do that long bridges. Also, in the imagination of the CJ on the other side of the gorge there should be a suburb located, so it depends more where the suburb is instead of the shortest way across the water imo. The dam is not 100% perfect, my first idea didn't work, so i did it that way. About the power lines: I don't know if i did that correct... lol... i have seen it in reality at least, but i better waived it.

      A big THANKS to your review, i hope i can see more content by you and finally a CJ :-D