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Main commercial port of France

  1. New Aerials

    Photos from the stash, but newly edited.

    Enjoy !

    Aerial shot from Mitre district

    Aerial Mitre.jpg

    City that never sleeps

    Aerial night.jpg

    Hope you like it !​
  2. RAW Photos

    Hello !
    I quess noone ever saw my RAW photos, without Photoshop :) And maybe some of you think that im overusing it or that my cities look nice only cause of PS :(
    So here are some raw photos from the stash. :D They are still not so bad (y)


  3. Photos from the stash :)

    Here are some more photos from the stash (y)



    Vaufragues square

    Seille aley

    Southern Helenas aerial
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  4. HELENAS street grid growing GIF

    Here is HELENAS street grid growing.
    Step by step how I made this massive grid :)
    Getting all straight from head, not so much planning as it looks :whistle:
    Enjoy !

  5. More panorama pics

    Here we go, new update from the stash :D
    When im looking these pictures now they are nothing special compared to new ones i made but they are taken 2-3 months ago :)

    Main railyard in Opera district


    More from...
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  6. Close ups/ street views

    District parts

    Belsunce district -
    high density residential blocks mixed with lavander fields still in private possesion. Till 2020 is planned to build new modern residential blocks here.


    Leazar district - Natur towers, newest skyskcrapers built in Helenas for elite residents....​
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  7. NIGHTFALL pictures

    This is how Helenas looks at night :)
    Its really hard to make good night shots in XXL cause of lame lights but here we go.

    Blague port at night. Workplace for 40 000 people.

    CBD Mitre. Northern avenue, one of the busiest roads in the city.

    CBD Mitre skyline at...​
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  8. Aerial Photos

    Here we go. Aerial pictures of the city.

    Now you will get better perspective of massive Helenas :)

    Satellite view of the city.
    From Thiers industrial district ( bottom ) to Va Viste residential district ( top ) is about 20...​