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Tutorial How to put your model into the game (Screencast)

A demonstration of how to put your 3ds Max model into Cities XL

  1. Fanastan
    Very useful information, though succinct. Thank you. Some things have changed since these videos were made. The CG Textures website requires a login now to download highres images. The newest artist tool that comes with Cities XXL now allows import of FBX files to convert to sgbin files, though there is some odd UV distortion taking place no matter what version of FBX (2011/2013/2014/etc) is exported. These videos are a great ice breaker and I would encourage the powers that be to transfer this article to the XXL tutorial section, or update it if possible.
  2. Andrea Simone
    Andrea Simone
    Thank you! Useful!
  3. CraCkeR JaCk
    CraCkeR JaCk
    Excellent. just wish we had more of these type of tutorials , some music might be nice as well