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I present the city of KENT, located north-east of the united states of america

  1. Abraham Island

    Hello Everyone, Abraham Island is a wooded island, located northwest of the town of KENT. Northwest of Shelter Island. The first European who explored this island was Joseph Whitbey in 1789. Its name was given to it in honor of President Abraham Lincoln. To the south, Fort Abraham hosted from November 1873 the 7th Cavalry Regiment of George A. Custer, was the first outpost of Pennsylvania. Founded on November 19, 1872 by Daniel Huston's Sixth Infantry Regiment, at the mouth of the Utave...
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  2. Penn Valley

    I am happy to present the 1st update of the city of KENT,
    it's "PENN VALLEY", wedged between KENNEDY airport, and the PENN river,
    PENN VALLAY, is a diversified sector welcoming:
    - a large industrial area bordering the airport,
    - a site of Compagnie XL,
    - and a few quarters with all the amenities.

    Compagnie XL is an old mineral exploitation company.
    Established here in KENT since the 1930s, this mining operation is reaching the end of its life.

    upload_2020-7-4_15-1-11.png ...
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