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CJ Port Aspire (Beach City)..Still WIP (Repost No PS)

City of partying in the luxurious beaches.

  1. More Photos of Port Aspire

    Here are more photos of Port Aspire. Currently i have lack of time to capture some pics. However, i will try to post more and more

    Here They Are...

    Former United Airlines Boeing 747 turned into a restaurant, similar to Pan Am's N747PA. This Aircraft was built in 1987 and was retired in 2014. As of 2015, this aircraft has been a restaurant.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_18.jpg

    A Large United States Air Force and United States Army military base 5 miles north of the airport (location exaggerated xD). Two USAF Boeing 747-400s are seen at the base. One is near the control tower, the other near the cargo containers.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_0.jpg
    Airport terminal in 2015. In 2014, terminals A and B have been expanded into 3 levels, bringing the total passenger capacity to 150 million passengers. All three levels also have road access and subway access to the city itself. Level 1 is car parking for both terminals. Levels 2 and 3 contain shops, subway stations and more.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_1.jpg
    Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 9M-MNE at gate D1 at terminal A. It was the plane's last flight before it is scheduled for maintenence checks in KLIA.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_2.jpg
    American Airlines Boeing 747-400 at gate F6. It is actually fictional. American Airlines did not operate 747-400s. Instead, AA operated the Boeing 747-100 and the Boeing 747SP, which have since been long retired, except N905NA.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_3.jpg
    Etihad Airways Boeing 777-200LR at the airport. After landing on Runway 7, the plane was given a water cannon salute while taxiing to this gate. It was the airline's first light to PAIA.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_5.jpg
    Former British Airways Boeing 777-200 at the same restaurant the former United 747 is at. The two planes serve as restaurant extensions to the current restaurants.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_8.jpg
    Ocean Eyes twin towers (model from the NYC's WTC) from ground level.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_9.jpg
    View of the same towers from the west.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_10.jpg

    A Tragic incident happened on May 13, 2015. On The morning of May 13, the towers were destroyed by a bomb exploding in tower 1's lobby. The collapse killed more than 2,000 people and also caused damage to other surrounding buildings. Today, the former site (seen here) is now a memorial museum. The two water pools mark the spot where the original twin towers stood. Also, the Ocean Eyes Ground Transportation Hub is located here.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_11.jpg
    View of the city skyline in 2017. The former Ocean Eyes Twin Towers are no longer visible in downtown.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_12.jpg
    This is my first update on the city. About the incident on May 13,2015, it was based on the real life 9/11 attacks. It was not meant to replicate the event, but to pay respect to the lost ones. I Built the memorial to dedicate to both the Ocean Eyes Twin Towers collapse and the 9/11 victims. Sorry if i offense any Americans here.

    Stay tuned for more photos and tell me what you think about this new update. :D


    1. cxl_screenshot_port aspire_0.jpg
    2. cxl_screenshot_port aspire_38.jpg
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