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CJ Port Aspire (Beach City)..Still WIP (Repost No PS)

City of partying in the luxurious beaches.

  1. 2nd Update Of Port Aspire

    Okay, here is the second update. Its more on the airport, its expanding development, a military base built, more highways and much more.

    Here it is!! I Hope you guys would like it!!

    Hawaiian and Iberia Boeing 737's at Concourse A/B. The First 737 is Hawaiian's 10th Boeing 737 and Boeing's 8,000th 737 delivered.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_6.jpg
    Adidas billboard at Shinjuku Park Mall with two more billboards on the top left. They are seen near the mall's entrance.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_13.jpg
    Two McDonalds billboards seen at the mall adjacent to Shinjuku Park Mall. This Area is heavily populated during holidays, especially the metro lines and the bus lines.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_15.jpg
    Two more billboards at the same mall, with the right one showing a Red Bull advertisement.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_16.jpg
    PAIA in 2018. The Airport was further expanded to handle nearly 200 million passengers. The expansion was due to be complete at around early 2019. When completed, it will be the world's largest and busiest airport with high volumes of cargo, aircraft movements and passenger traffic.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_19.jpg
    Brand New Airport Highway, Highway 576. The former highway, Highway 476, was demolished since the old highway was in very poor condition. Many portions of the highway collapsed due to poor maintenance. It was in face built in 1954. This brand new highway was built in 2012 to replace the former highway. This highway connects to Skywest City (another city i built) to the west.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_20.jpg

    View of the airport to the south from Hilltop Residential Area. The Area is well known for aircraft spotting, city views, and old historical buildings preserved. Watching aircraft takeoff and land is spectacular!!
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_21.jpg
    PAIA further expansions in late 2018. Two Giant Arches can be seen in the lower center. It serves as a memorial to an air crash in 2017. A Boeing 767-200ER crashed at Hilltop Residential Area due to pilot error and bad weather. 190 lives were lost including the 2 pilots. The remains of the aircraft are preserved at the museum near the two arches. Such parts include the 767's tailfin, one engine, cockpit windows and the 767's cargo door.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_23.jpg
    The Boeing 767 involved in the crash, operated by Transaero. It was flown by Transaero Flight 008, bearing registration EI-CZD. This ill-fated aircraft is seen landing at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in 2014, 3 years before the crash.

    It was Port Aspire's first ever air crash in its 70 years of operation. Prior to the crash, the airport held distinction as the world's safest airport. The airport recorded no accidents, air crashes, robbery and more. Security at the airport is the best in the world.

    The abandoned sector of the Black Mesa Research Facility. The Power Plant, however, is maintained by the Black Mesa Personnel.
    cxl_screenshot_port aspire_46.jpg

    There you go, the 2nd update of the city. Whoever wants the billboards mod, kindly message me. But first, rate it and tell me what you think :)
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